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. ■ - . 

Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E.,A., A.& A. 

(Ujt St Corns 5Urg«9 

--».. VOL. VI. NO. 11 

ST. LOUIS, MO., FRIDAY. JUNE 29,1917. 



Negroes* Chances To Volunteer Fails 
As Time Draws Near. No Regi- 
" ment Open To Colored. 

•♦♦»«»••»•«♦••♦*««» — »»♦♦♦♦♦♦>«♦»♦»♦♦ soasaa W aoieoeee 

2 "President Wilson and Envoy Root Are Deceiving X 

• Russia. They Say, 'Wo Are A Democracy. Help Us • 
J To Win a World War So That Democracies May} 
1 Survived. J 

* "Help Us To Mike This' Nation Really Free. Tell Our] 

♦ Government That It Must Liberate Its People Before* 
| It Can Claim Free Russia As An Ally ."-Suffragists. I 

Only ■ few more days reninin until 
the United States Government will put 
in fo'roo its drafting machine* To 'date, 
the Negroes have not turn given " 
chance to volunteer their service. As 
wa go '° press patriotism in at fever 
heigh!. IJannerV and bugles lie Call- 
in K men |o arms. The (Irat contingent 
of the United Mlntes Army has reached 
France and it is believed Ihnt more nrp 
on the way. 

No Room For the Negro 

Not with standing the fnet that n cam- 
paign is on for T0,0(W men io "volun- 
teer thuir services; nccoTding. fo Ihn 
statement of the local recruiting of- 
ficers there is no room for the Negro. 

So far as can be learned there is no 
preparation being mad? for additional 
regiments for Colored soldiers. 

An effort has been mode to induce the 
governor to. rocommlssion the old ftlh 
regiment X. O. of MiMouri, and-Opon It 
to Negro volunteers, " bat the effort 
seems to have met with little success. 
Tiiis ia looked upon by the Nefro. pa- 
triots u-a denial o.f equal rights of the 
citizens in a real democracy. 

"Preaident Wilson and Envoy Hoot 
are Receiving Russia. . They say, '■we 

yrar so that democracies may survive. ' .' ' 
"llc|p us make this . nation really 
free. Toll our. government that it must 
-liberate its people before it can claim 
free Russia as an ally. *■' — Suffragettes:' 
These words of fhe Suffragettes have 
a elesr ring which drives home the truth 
of the condition of ten million Negroes 
in this country today. 

Army Turns Down 
Negro Mechanic 

Robarr ii. Edmondsun, a Tuskegeo 
graduate, had (ho official* of the nnny 
recruiting offico in St. Louis in a qunn- 
darv for a. while las.t week, Edmonson 
in an expert mechanic and is employed 
in thc^mcchnnieni department of thq* 
Missouri-Pacific Railroad shops at Pa- 
■ '■■'•■>. Colorado. ■' 

When tho government called forme- 
chanics to volunteer for the Second 
Reserve engineers, thirty- four men 
made application from I lie Pueblo 
shops, fifl nw n aa n wa?- one of four 
whose names were submitted by B. F. 
Bush, president of the road. Although 
his amplication was plainly marked 
'"Colored,'' ha was ordered by tho 
army officials to cOme to SI. Louis. 
. When he arrived at the office here 
June S3 he was told by Colonel Town- 
send that "this is strictly a white 
man T s regiment. ' ' After admitting 
that- Edmonson 's application had been 
accepted, in .regular form and that his 
experience -was such as to qualify him 
for .service, tho colonel tried to dis- 
qualify Kim [by staling that it ssould 
be necessary for all engineers to 
.speak French, Edmonson demonstrat- 
ed that he spoke the language fluently. 

Major Hall" thejt admitted ehey were 
"up against ft** and after much .par. 
Irving, offered him .a* Chance in the 
Mess Department. Of course Ednion- 
son declined to accept' tho Offer and 
left, this .week for Pueblo to resume 
his work In the Missouri. Pacific shops. 

Railroad qfflcials here state that the 
rail 'for volunteers did'aot specify na- 
tionality or race. "" 

Major Young 
In Hospital 

Waaalagtoa, D. C— The. 1 rieada OX 

Lieutenant Ooteeel Charles -Young of 
the Tenth Cnited State*. Cavalry wan 
surprised to Irani 'vest he had. been 
ordered by the War Department to r*- 
port to Ik* coaaauudiaf oBlc *r at Let- 
irr»aa ftaitral hospital,- the presidio. 

San Francisco, Cal., for observation 
and treatment. The order bears the 
date of May 23. Details are lacking. 
Until tin- order reached, him Colom-I 
Young had been stnliotiod orf'the Mexi- 
can border and had been giving 

of the Us 
it the training camps. 

Fort Des Moines 

Special to The Argus; / 

Ft. Dos Moines, June. M. — Everyone 
is getting along fine hero, especially 
fhe St. Louis men. We hsvo all been 
thoroughly equipped and look like reg- 
ular Officers. We are organizing a base- 
ball club in .our company. . Wc all were 
inoculated with typhoid and there ore 
n lot of sore arms today. Wc have 
very little spare time, aa yon can ice 
by the- 'following, daily program. 

Reveille at 5:45 a. ra. 

Breakfast ut a. m. 

Morning instruction from 7 to ii'.a.iii. 
' Dinner at 12:15 p. nr. 

Afternoon instruction , from >:30 to 
4:.10 -p. m. 
.Sick call at 4:45 p. m. 

Retreat at 5:50 p. m. 

Supper nf B p> pi.' 

Study period at 7 p. m. 

Call to quarters at 8:30 p. n. ' *■ 

Tape at 8:45 p. m. 

"On)y Three Rejected 

Only three candidates have been re- 
jected by the physical csa mi iters at 
the fort. One because he was too big, 
and two because Jhey were too snail. 
The man who ifas overweight tipped 
the scales at 260 pounds, aod in spite 
of his reetfrd as captain Mf the For- 
ty-eighth Volunteer InfanW 'n : tho 
Spanish-American War, he hail to be 

Colored Soldiers 
In Honolulu, H.L 
Are Lonesome 

The Colored soldiers cast away on 
the lonely Hawaiian Islands want to 
correspond with some Colored girls at 
home. Tho boys say the native belles 
cannot wean them away from thoughts 
of the ''real, honcst-to-goodncss girls 
in -Cod's owfi country, back in, the D. 
S. A," They ask the Argus Ho' tell 
the girls to "do their bjt " by writing 
to them and they will answer with 
come real newsy letters. 

Their names are: Harry. H. Murray. 
Muses Sanders, Luther Snoir, Ira Junk- 
ins. Junes H. Wiley, Luther- Hunter, 
Luther. Cook. Edward Thompson, Ben 
Hughes, Ctfrrcnton,' all'of.. Com- 
pany n, £3th Infantry; Morris Brown, 
Company E; John W. Speed, Company 
F; Ewing White,. Company B;. and Al- 
vin Williams, Company B. In writing 
state wi»t company, 'Twenty- fifth In- 
fantry. . Sehoflsld Barracks, H. T. 

Postage- rate* saute aa in United 
States. _ ■ 

Great Western 
Club Annual 
Boat Excursion 

The annual boat exentaioa of the 
Celebrated Great Western Clap will be 
given u the jialaaial »-.i»m.r Qnj 
Eagle MandaV evening, July 8. This 
ia another outing ,e*W that is looked 
forward to with pleasant eatiaipaUoa. 
Wm. D. Flowers .ia president aad Jan. 
W, Grant, general manager. 

Printing. Na Job tos ssnnil to re- 
ceive onr canfai eataVtat*.' Araaa 
Print, tm Marbat at- '■'. fc T^: 



WSJ TT11 nnsB hn Sunday After. 

neon and Evening. Heron Hundred 
Members and Thirteen Taouaaqd Dol- 
lars Report for One Teat' 


esses Boards, also-all uther Boards mid 
auxiliaries, including tbc Trustee 
Boards and Deaconesses' Auxiliaries, 
t:ni.'j- in one voice, Baking each und 

Sunday, at whig time the pust'ur, Dr. 
B, p. Shaw, wilt begin his eighth year 
ns pastor" of the grand old Mo^ropoli- 
tau 'A. M. E. ifiou Church. Ifo will 
preach at 11 i,._iu. and M p. m. Carn- 
al .i o'clock. 


church ut some time during the day, 
to greet the pastor on hia roturn. Lot 
us move- together, speak together, >inj 
and pray as Christian workers lur thi 
Muster. Yes, we expect to" do a great 
er work this year than we did Inal 
year, notwithstanding' our report fur 
lust year is good. Under flic 
ship of our Uospcl preacher nn 
ing lender, we added above 71 
hers to our roll uud raised she 
000. Under God, with this ati 
number of Christian men- and women^ 
mud Ibe leadership uf -our pa: 
i* our oim to do a grenter work, the 
Burning year. 

Come utit Sunday, or vou 

Grand Patriate 


A grand patriotic celebration will be 
held at the St. Louis 'Colored Orphan 1 
Home, UM Natural Bridge Koad, 

P/ednaedaV, J lily 4. under the auspices 
ef the Citiien*' Relief Association. An 
r*e. Unit program presented. Dr. 
^i'm. Perry, master of ceremonies; Hei. 
W. H. Peek, orator of the day. Ret. 
Ceo. Stevens, of Central Baptist Churcii, 
Dr. Johnson, of St. Pair) Church and 
others wi.ll assist. Music will be fur- 
nished by a male quartette. Refresh- 
ments will be served by the Indies if 
(ae B.iard. Admission free. Every ef 
1 >rt will be put forth to make this event 
a success. Shaw .Post. 6. A. R„ will be 
present and raise the flag with appro- 
priate i-eremouy at 2:30 p. la. All other 
jilriotic organitntinns and cilixcns are 
L-spectfully inviterljo attend. 

Supreme Lodge 
Proclamation No. 

T« all Knights erf Pythias, Grand and 
Subordinate LodgeS( Supremo Repre- 
sentatives, Otliccrs'and Members el 
. tbc Supreme I-odge — Greeting; 
Whereas, Article. VT, Sc"ctii)u 8'of the 
Constitution- and Supreme Statutes, "f 
Tho Knights of' Pythian of . North 
,\mefica! South Americn, Euro]*, Asia, 
,-ifricn and Australia provides that 
"The regular convention of the Su- 
preme Lodge shall be held triennial)}', 
beginning on the third Tuesday -in Au 
gitsl at such place aa. may be ulesij;- 
nate.d - at the previous regular, cor. 
"vention." ' ' " _ * '->* 

"And. ■whereas, nt the lost regular rua 
ventiot. held by Tfto Knights of Pyth 
ias of'the aforementioned Supreme Jur- 
isdiction, it was decided to bold the 
next contention in St- Louis, Mo. 

Therefore,. I. H". W. (ireen/suprem.. 
i. 'fane ell or of The Knights uf 'Pythins 
of North, America, South Am r rici,- 
.Karupe, A^ia. Africa and Australia, do 
hereby direct the officers and members 
of The Supremo Lodge of The -Knights, 
of Pythian, aforrsaid tu assemble in 
Ninercepth'il&th) Biennial' Session in 
the l"ytbian Tepiple, "jid. 3137 Pine 



o'clock, a. rh. on Tuesday, the tilt 
day of August, A. D.T 1817. 

The committee in chajge of .the b. 
cal arrangements has selected \\r_- ■ 

Supreme Lodge and tho Supreme Dtairt 
in^ the Pythian Temple of the (irnnd 
Iddge v of The Knights cf*Pythis.s ef 
North America, ete., Jurisdiction . iif 
Missoori, and are sparing neither psics 
nor expense to make, our atay in their 
midst, pleasant and agracabl*'. 

Given under our hand the Seal of 
the Supreme .Lodge at Tho Knights ef 
Pytbiea of North America, Soatb Amer- 
ica, Europe. Asia. Africa and Austral- 
ia; this eighteenth (lSth) daj-.of Jane, 
v ]">.. J91T, and Pytmuu Period the 

Attest: ' ' 

E. K. 0nderwood, , ■ , 

Saprea aa Keeper of. Records and 

% W. oteea. Be preen Chancellor 



All Who Pay Op by August ,WtU Be 
so Honored. .Paid- In. Full Movement 
Started. 'Two' Hundred New Mem- 

. -ben Expected 

Campaign Now On 

A novel way has been decided upon 
by the Y. H, C. A. to pass on to fn- 
tare generntiuns the namos of those 
who did their part in the erection, of 
the new V. W. C. A. Building- Every 
subscriber who pnys his pledge in full 
before the time of the confer stone 
laying, which is to Irf in August, will 
mtve his name on the list of full-paid 
aa bscribcra, which will be enclosed in 
tbe cornet stone. This will mean that 
In many years from now, when the 
new building shall lie discarded and 
Wrecked, the names of those Who hove 
paiil in full' op' to that lime will stand 
as a monument to the generosity of 
the givers. 


Who WU1 Lead "Y" Membership - 

Campaign ' 

Right along with this decision was 
the decision to. start a Paid in-Full 
Club. This will include all who" have 
laid -their subscriptions ,-nnd member- 
ship will be signified 1*- a button 
marked, '•[•aid lii Eull^S - 

No.t satisfied with the measure of 
success which came to .them in their 
recent meeting, tho Pullman men are 
tu have, another Pullman .Men's Meet-' 
mg oh ftunday, July ;-, in the interest 
of the 1'. M. C. A: Building Fund. 
The prime movers in this meeting for 
.luly Si nro' Mr. T. A. Crenshaw, Mr. 
H. J. Alexander, Mr. .[no. Hammond, 
Ma, Rubt.' Eaton and others, who com- 
|K»e s committee of' '35 of tbe Pull, 
man men. The Pullman Company; too, 
is showing its interest in the 'moeiirfg 
by urging nil of its men to be present. 

So mat even- department of the V, 
.\f..l"-,A. shall be up to the slnlldard, 
ii luerilbersliip ctnnpnigii is ln*in^- r(in/ 
this week to put St. Louis in 1 
with the other eities of -its sire, h 
teams have lnM?n orgajiyed with 
men on-n teant." The first meetiu-- 
iield on Thursday night, June 2s,/t 
ihe campaign started olf wfth -n si 
that insures success. ,Thr- eV.pinio. 

U- Walthall, cap 

• Team Niv 3. \V. V. McAllister 
lain. • 

Team No. -I..W. E. Oflie.-r. cap 
Team No.. I. J. A. Finchcr, rap 
When the cainpuigu" closes on 

.Mi. \!;,l.. 

rho is rhairm: 

A ten-drty Memb+'r-liip Conipail 
tieen staged for the V. M. C. A. 
VTm. E. Officer, of ' I'Ufl T.lln.or 
is esptain of Team No. i— the 
letic^eam. All wishing to join 
1 card to the aliove address. T« 
lars a year. 

Or ^Starkloff To 
Sneak Monday Night 

.Dr..StarklofT, of the'fity Health De' 

■ertment will speak at St'. Paul A. M. 
I, Church. I*fflngwe*ll nnd Law ton Ave.. 
Ilenday evening, July ".. He will dis- 

•s*..the health problem in Bcne'ral; 

specially as (elates to the high ileatti 
lit* among Colored people.. Everyone 

J teres ted in these Brest problems af- 
i 'C.ting our. people; should be present tn 
fcettr Dr. gtaiUoff. v/^ , 

Printing of all kinds. Estimates giv- 
•'«. Arga* Print, !M1 Market Street 


Conditions In South Not Improving 
Enough To Tempt Him To Stay. 
Few .Will Ever Return. 

Chicago, III. — the exodus of Negroes 
from the South to northern - iiiunufnc- 
turitig points, stronger nil.hin the hist 
month or su, is regarded as likely to 
increase considerably as the season nil 
vnnces. nnd to continue throughout the 
summer. Not more Ihuu n quarter of 
those leaving the South, it is cspecte.l. 
nill return: The condition is totally 
without precedent since reeonst ruction 
dnya.' •;. 

At to Ihe situatiun m Chicago, A. 
I.. Jackson, executive secretary of the 
Wabash Avenue Branch uf the V. M. 
C. A., fuys: '"Tho Negroes, are com 
ing into Chicago pretty re^ulurly und 
in Larger numbers now, 1 hud a man 
watch the railroad stations recently for 
teu days, and the police department 
also 'bad a man take a cart-fpl census. 
In one week they found 300 arrivals 
and in another week from IjaOO to L, 
riiMl. All, of course, do not stop in 
Chicago. Manv go on to .Waukcgan, 
Indiana Harbor and tinry, Detroit, Mi,- 
li n .' und various otl.-r nmnufscturlng 
centers. In two days my agent foond. 
two parties of from 5U to ".'> Negrues 
using Chiiagu as a transfer point. The 
How has been very steady through 
g„od wcuthiT." 

60,000 Gone Into Ohio 

Rev. J. II. Meadows. Ohio Sthta 
Baptist Missionary, win. united m St. 
Louis recently, stated that mure than 
110,000 Negroes had. gune into Uhio Moot 
southern stales. These men are not 
only finding immediate cniplnyuiciil. 
but arc being taken care of as to so- 
cial, religious, economical and housing' 
conditions by .the iJaptist" Convention 
niul sociological orgauiiiitiuns uf the 


id tv 


Railway Dlscoutagea Emigration 
Washington,. June si.— (n the eJfoi 
in discourage tne emigration of Si 
groes from tho South, which is repur: 
e,l to -haYC. UKSinueil such proportion 
ibal it is difficult in some Idealities I 
,.btain suflicieut'N.-gro labor for inn 
ii Ark and other local needs, the mat 
agement of the Southern lii.ilnny has 
adopted the policy of taking'tm 
to accommodate this travel in the fu 
lure.. Orders have been issued tu di»- 
d. mimic, etfertivi"- at .nice, tho ossein 
tiling, holdinuwand Being "i extra pas 
senger. and l!Si[J:nK^• m" I"r laboA-r 
movements and .otherwise lo discour 
:i;e the Negro exodus from tho South 
in every legitimate, manner. 
'He present afivee of tho dcvcltrpment 

instructions to deyote their energies to 
tho promotion o'l' n campaign to 'induce 
lie; N.^r" to n-iniiin in tin: Siiutti, and. 
tiiin kcrs nnd business men are beijig 
urged to endeavor to find employment 
of some kind for nit .>urplus Negro 
liilinr in their communities, b'ullowing 
is the plan suggested for the south- 
ern represent in nes to follow in the 
instructions issued on the subject: 
' ' We should endeavor "rii ench enni- 

s|ieeial business lo interest the Negro 

nd Jiguirist the i 


,1,- ..(' Hie 

beW lured away by promise ofhigher 
wngiV ia oiher sections, pointing out 
thiji.'nny ndvantnge that tha Negro 

away noould al- 

the long run it will l„ 

South. » ■ 
his labor 


V. P-)— A masked- and nrlned.ninb of 
nore than 100 persons enrly Inday over 

jincered the giinnl ut the county jail. 

oak Henry Snwyer. :, -mulatto Negro- 
hurged with attacking n whitj- wom- 

n, placed him in an nutomnbile, drove 

o fhe scene of the alleged crime and 
tinged Sim to a signpost. While thn. 

mb wits heavily masked, the Imit^ 

liowed nil its members were white mi i. 
Negroes: aru&*» — because of Ihe 

lynching, have colic, L,n mass meeting. 

Inred an nlrenipt to lenro the idontitv 

ii. i months ago. 


HI.VSTON.TKX., June US.- (By 

I*, i -Hen Bafpet, Negro chnuffpur 

Houston, was lyni-he'd late lam night 


ing lo telephO 
'todBT, Harp 

I'UNTO liOtHlA, El. A.. June .'.'5. 
iep Trent. a.Negr... was taken from I 



Maintains Record for Quick Adjust- 
ment of Death Claim on Life of tbe 
Late Professor Charles Samner Lo»- 
t-U. of Lincoln Institute. JeOeraon 
City, Mo. 

Mr. T. A. iliekson. aprcial Keprr- 
sentaliM'. who is in ehurge of the 
Jsi;iiidarrl I.ilV- InrsinoB in the stata 

„f Missouri, while.'m .letTus Vty' 

during the month of' Decern be. r. in- Mr. Luvftt. along with several 
other prof.-ssiirs -oT th.-Liacidn InstJ 
inie, t« submit his application f«.r fd 
v..,, hundred dollars ttlJMi, worth 
..t insiirauee. Policy number Bffl*B 
„.,s issued to' Wofe.sor L'harb-s M. i>lv- 
,11 Deesimber S^ JH10. 

At the time 'uf Mr. tswrtfa death- 
!„■' had < miy paid two qrawflerly pre, 
pliant* of JlO.'i'i.-whicli makes a total 
„1 t21.:"i paid by bint, HU |W»6ey 
„, in force four moiiths when, he" was. 
strickc-n with typhoid fever, cumpli- 
,ated with mfnigitis, alH.ut- ^ay 13, 
snd die.l May 27. " - 

'A check for fifteen hundred dollars 
Jt.'.lWi.),-,has been paid -Mrs. Johng-1-' 
tne Lovett, widow and Irf-iu^fio.ary, in 
furl scttlement\hf the claim. 

You .will recall the adjustment, of 
the. fifteen hundred dollar (tl^OOJ 
claim of the late Dr. 11. T..Bolden, of 
East Saint Louis, liU'who waa in- 
jured .in aa automobile accident oti 
Thaeksgiving cvoninff. In . his ease 
only 'one. quarterly premium of (17.70 
had been paid. .The contract had only 

la-en in I7.rjc twenty two days, but 
noliuth-i arising Ihnt fuel, u'ltinn two 
dnys a draft for liftcen 'hundred did" 
Inrv. (SI.'.llO). «as issued Mrs. W'crtie 
i.i" Hulden in lot (lenient uf this c.on- 

s clilllrts. There is but one thing that 
ight delay the coiu],uny in. its ail- 


jusiuiriiis. and that is s 
ity in the death proofs, 

hscry man should realise Ihe great 
]as» i hat would be nusLained by his 
fiiiniK .should he be removed by-death, 
(f you have not already -dune so, get 
in t..ii'li with' sume-vita«iiri*r.l Life agent, 
and Jiie-him an- opjsirtuBily to dem- 
onstrH-te the muuv i alues^oirerecl you 
and depcndFuts Hi any of tbeir 

Th,.-Si n „dard Life Insurance Com- 
pany- I- a regubir tatd Line Legal Re- 
servo . .impany. that has/ qualified in 
nine si:ir,-s and has the beany gndurse- 
ment -■' .ihe Jusuraiu-'e i.'ounnissjr. tiers. 
promJiient insurance" men and ^rhrmls 
of t).eJyHling Onancol nnd insurance 
jounm;- and pnp'Ts, north, east, south 
nnd isr-tvit. 

" The • .aipany is now .(lipinung two- 
fluniU'-,- oi.'n ai#r lere many yenrs will 
lie spre-iding beneficence in eycry 
state where Negroes live- in large 
number.-. .Insure with " the Standard 
r.i/.o -In- i-'unco Company. 

The. Academy Boys and Girb of .Al- 
snack 's Dancing Academy will give their 
fret Moonlight Boat Eieorsion Monday 
Eight, July Z. Boat, leaves at 9:30 p. aa. 
Music -will be 'furnished by the Great 
^Western Band, Joe lJs.v it. Manager, 

■-.' -p 

.""'"' " ■ 

it. xoob amus 

| We made it* good 
I It made itself famous 


Poro College Company 

310OPlneSt. Dept. V St. Louis Mo 


Um. r. a. a, 
-•" ■ 



£T£6 Ceatra!tt48 



Mia* Birdie Beal, licensed embaiiiier 
for ladies. Livery carriage* furnished 
for all occasion*. Open day and night. 

Z726 Lncat Are. St. Low, Mo. 

n. c. whitlor mM ja^?WSS*r'K 

Moving, Packing and Shipping 










Louis Mencken 


2601 Market Street 

Handle* a r"ir*t-clae* Uh of Good. 

Order* Promptly Delivered 


aVrgaa ***■ wi prist ;hc 
Argae Prtat, 1M1 Market. 

>•»*»• HI 


2622 LAVVTON AVE. ■ 

Fin* Ciftari and Soil Drink* a Specialty 

Ladie*' and Genii' Shtninfc Parlor 

J. W. Hughes 

Undertaker and embainer. Carriage* 
faraiehed for all occasion*. 

Mr*. J. W. Hegbea' he«>***d **ibaa*a- 
*t. Peoae*. Boaaoat, Mill Central 5*15 
MtO Lawtoa Are, St Loaio, Ho. 

Send for a Free 
Trial Treatment 
for Syphilis, "to 
Old Dr. Welch, JacluwEfilk, Fla. 




Kin. Phone Victor 1+66-R 



Dealer in New act 

Bought and Sold. 

Light Hauling, 

ate ctoi«u a... 

St- Laula. Ha. 

2018 FlM Bt 

Every Sunday evening. New itmn- 
agemant. Jatnei L. Hall and Jamea 
White, auceeaeon to Prof. J. a Lock?. 
Malic bv Academy Orebeatra. Ladira 
admitted free. Gent*, 15 cent*. ' AH 


Uwton 'A*«v, Pressing 
% CLUB <% 

J. SAMS, Proprietor 

Gtat'i Saib Cttucd * Prewe. $1.00 

Cleaning Dyeing and Repairing of 
Ladie* and Gent*' Garment*. 

S02Z Lawton Are. 

. If your bair 

is tain, abort 


rat, you shout; 

not ddlay bn 

go and 

>e . convinced 

at Madam 

Bailey '• 


•arkir, 4H1 


LlndeQ 3692. 

FREE -ffiWR: 

w. ^aaBj^gaajj,, «'» »* ib. uipx 

jaBBBBBarpBBBBak Busiilitlim,, „( 

,«■ |B Colorad Wsmaa'a 

BLnBBa,- Hair. Our lilw 

D tuck abowlnc k. 

VH^Haaaaaaal aaaaaw amairj arm (ret 

■S aaaawS ' nu"" "'"'"' *°" 

VI V one. aril 

awBF ""'* "'i ci '' ' eat- 
IB Q| BSEf .lafarllan euinnlccd 

EMneo ■ 

ffuannirM. ttlth racli tfjml, we 
r'REK. aciul money unJcr or Ha 

Wanted. . Addrne aa fotlowa; 

.« ■!"•*»«« baik roHpaWr. 

10-U7 Park: Row.' New York City. 
/Addree* anawer Department 144 

Sttj^rbs Hsir Grower 

HaJr where other* fall. aw4-« rT a trtJ 

' til : 

N-GawAiStatCO.D. Arab 

rW,liidellw*w4 Urp MW Vaa, 




Packing, Shipping and Storage. Light and Heavy Hauling and 
Second-Hand Good* 103 N. CHANGING AVE. 

For the nawaat and roost op-to-date 
etylee In Ladlea- and Man'* Apparel 



WBySjal alao loan 700 money to boy 
your winter clothe*. . 

Kinlock, Centra] 5532 



Your Printing 



Oil ISininlr la 
r to-eparauun. 

a *a) -rliinu 11. '■■■ 
Jurtruf nil' 111 »HJ If 
kiaier tH' o"'-''il annuls 


Odd Fellow* 1 . Hall Z9Z3 Mo 

Street. Newly dure orated l< 
room* and reception hall for rent. 
Special attentiOB to private recep- 
tions^ Rent very reafonable. See 
jinitor or rail the ■eijretary'a office' 
P'noor. Detmar 42991, 


StOw* hair on Bald bead*, in thirty 
daya, or money refunded. Write 
Fraseii Baker, the ae'aip aptetalbt, S20 
Sboa' Trlaity St.. Ueiiee, Mo. 


Why Jena never .married? There 
it icmiob. .Scad ten ceata in ttasrp* 
for booklet. Abo Truth Aboat the 
Bible, U.00; Seaelocy of the Bible. 
•2.W; Why Jne* Wu a Mia and Not 
a Woman, ROO By. SWnty C Taa«, 
*•* ReHaa^ Bld».. Kaaaa. Gty, Me, 

American Woodmen 

The Local' Camp uf American Wu»J 
I'a/.Vo. 10, of Lpuli, ia now iu- 
.ted in its office, corner laelede and 
Compion Avcs. The\lodge aeasiona cea- 
rene at Masonic Lf all. Eaatoa and Grand 
Ave. The offieera of Camp No. 10 ara 
offering a, free trip to Denver,'- Colo., 
to the membera of thi* fraternity. This 
offer i* on* of the beat given to 
panose to . viait toe "Groat Boeky 
Monntain Qity." Denver ia a long way 
from' St. Louia and poaaeate* more 
acenie attraction* than any otAer 
American city. Period* Wfo.ara for- 
tunate enough to aeeura' this free 
trip will, indeed 'enjoy it. Denver ia 
thi home oSce of the Supreme Camp 
of tlse America Woodmen. Thi* great 
Frateraal Jnau.ranee Society i* the 
largaat and atnrogeat financial arganixa- 
yon among Negroe*. The Snprase. 
Camp, which meet* in' Angut, "only 
meet* once in foot year*. ViaiU|ra and 
delegate*, repreienting the ybonger 
and Tnoderti mmnber* o(. our rae*, will 
be there from 17 atales; in fact, the 
men and women, who mak* op the gnat 
ntentbenhip, of thi* organ iaation, ere 
of a newer generation -tharf, ia ninally 
met with at the national; gathering* 
of our rare. Thi* meeting will b* in 
epoch, and w* trnrl that St, Loaif.will 
be well rep r* am ted. 

BeHv Bennait ST? ■' ' \ i 

Prosser's Funiture & Storage Co 

Time Pafrnant Dealer* In 

Uia-Sa Owe. Str«t .*„.'* »^« L*e0*. Wareer, 

Mere For Tear Money 

runritnre Bought and Sold for Cath or Taken in Exchange for MotW. ' 



* Full Dress Suits For Rent. * 


*f* Second- M*ml Over Coat*. *J» 


"*• Olive 4649 ff> 

-> 7J1 North Sixth Street Second Floor d> 
X+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +. + + + ^. + ++ + + + J( 

1006 Kioloch: Central 466S 

Rob't. P. Frltschle 


Diuataada, Watch** El*. 




We Teat Your Eye* 


And Sell Eye Olaiae 
and Spectacle! on Time 
Dr. Win. M. RUer 

OaV* JetTaraoB Ave. a Wean HI 

Phone Bomont 1648 


auaaataOiaar. OkTBata OaaaaaV Blothad 

Pre* aad aurkeiii. CaDed l^aadballvarari 

QMakaarvke t 

DRAKE ft BALL, Mg». 

ST. txrotB, MO 

- ,Attt.rnay Geo. L. Vaajia, 

Kntary PafbUa 2335 Market Bt 

16*4,' Central 8*71. 

ttEKltY BRATJlf 
•<: lovcet price* fa 
•u.js PAMOT 
1700 QOod* An 

Oldest EngTavino; Hoqse 
in St Loins 

32? Locust Street, 4th 

Madam Point L* Long 

The Wonderful Hair Culturist 

First Application SI .50 with Oil. Af tarwards 50c. 
every two week* . 

Facial Manage, Manicuring, maker of Braids and Switch**. Agent* wanted 


300.000 deal I 

to haw. I 


,'.*.. f if. r..t,» # 

«.«>. Write at 
tW t aa day* 
free' baa** triaL 
Badtdaaa, New York 



One thotmnd agent* wanted. Good meney 
made. We •rant agent* in every city and village 
toaellTHESTAR HAIR GROWER. Thi* i* a 
wonderful preparation. .Can be used with or with- 
out ptr^igntamn*; iron*. 

Sell* for SSe per box-one .box will prove it* 
value. Any penonthat will uac a 25c box "will be 
convinced. No matter what has failed to grow 
your hair jeat give THE STAR HAIR GROWER a 
trial ard be convinced. Send 26c far full Mae boa. 
tf you with to be an agent *>nd tl.00 and we will 
.aerad yott-e full auppiy that you can begin work with 
at once. *l«o agent* term*. Send all money by 
Money Older to 


UtSCUetSi.' ';* . - Euan. 

Standard Life Insurance Co. 


Capital Fully Paid $100,000.00 

The only Old line Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company 

owned and operated* entirely by Colored People... Not 

. Fraternal, nor Assessment, nor Industrial. Insurance in 

force over $2,000,000. 

r Branch Offices In Missouri 

■ T. A. Dkbew, Special Rrarceeatatire ' 

23(3 Market St, St. htm C. H. Feariag, A,«cy fhrertor 

1515 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Stewart & Saufa. Ageaey Direeien 

The L Erdle Bakery & 



Bell Phone, Bomont 2*1 



Agents Wanted 

Tt Hwaal* DERMATAS HAB aa. 



General. Hauling 

A. WRIGHT, Manager. 

Phone: Bomont 1651 R V. ' 2753 WALNUT ST 

Advertise in Argus 

rnwr tpun aan 



B; Mn. Made;* B. CUtfcS 

i* Quarterly meetisn was observed 
Sunday et Bethel A. If. E. Church. At; 
though the 'P. E. could not jbo here, it 
iru * ■ MceoM) both spiritually and il- 
nsncially. Kev. X. C. B, Hanyon .oc: 
copied the pulpit at the morning and 
evening service and Rev. A. It. Foa> 
in the afternoon,.. Eev. and Mrs. Un- 
Oenrood', Ptof. and Mrs. Stocks, 1'ro- 
feuor Fettle and Rev. Enibree have 
returned from Canton, Mo., where they 
attended the Baptist Sunday School 
Convention! ..Rev. X. C. R- Kunyon. 
of Hutchinson, Kmna-i is the guest of 
Rev. A* IS. Fox and' Mrs. Fox.. .Mrs. 
Chatman and daughter, Mix Vera Lee, 
of Clarence, Mo., spent Sunday hen'", 
the guests of Mn. h"dd Boyd-Lewis. ». . 
Miss Leans Davis and Mr. Sherman 
Gooding, of Clarence, were Sunday vie- 
iton in Macon. ..Quite a number of 
' Maeonitet attended the annual sermon 
Of the V. B.-F. and Bw M. T. in Jack- 
Bonville Sunday. .. Mrs. Everett Taylor, 
of Fayette, Mo., was the guest ofMiai 
Harriet Bradley while In the city... 
Mr. Frank Allen and sister, Mia. The- 
odora Thompson, of -Springfield, who 
arc visiting their .parent) in Bovier, 
Mo., were the truest* of Mrs. Edgar 
Harris,. . Aunt Carolyne Crockett has 
been very aick. We are glid to re- 
port her 'better nt this writing,- 

By Elmsr Hubbard 

Mm. Susan McQuay.' of Troy, i8 vis- 
iting friends nnd children. ..Arthur 
Scott has arrived home from Minnesota 
here on the sick list... Miss Edith 
Best ia spending, the « eek-end with her 
mother, Mrs. Annie Ball. ..Mi*. Ella 
Best rjholton is improving nicely. . .Mr. 
Lewis Dryden and wife visited Mrs. 

E, Edwords, of St. Paul Mi*s Alice 

Hubbard visited Mr. John liutferly, of 
O'Falion, Bundny. . .The Good Hope 
Missionary Baptist Church was organ- 
iied April 13 by Rev. Huston, ■pas- 
tor, Rev. Huston; Secretary, Belle 
Simpson; Ordained Deacon. U. M. Cal- 
loway. . . .Mrs. Kimble and daughter, 
of St.' Louis, visited relatives here last 
week. ..B*y, Boon and Kev. Poston 
visited the Quarterly Meeting at the 
M. E. Church Sunday. . .Mrs. Alice 
Diinigna ia on the sick list. ..Mrs. 
Shelton and Mrs.. Bowman, of Troy, 
. visited Mrs. McQ/uay last week. 


By Win. B. Toley 

One of the most brilliant social -func- 
tions of the season occurred Monday, 
June 18. Miss, Anna Humphrey and 
Mrs. Vergil Sebwcish gave a? house 
parly at the hon!e of Mr*. John Wil- 
liams. The party was in honor of Mn. 
, Marie Collins, of Kansas City, Mo. 
A most delightful, timte was the ver- 
dict of all who were present. -.Mr. 
and Mrs. 0. L. Davis, who have been 
conducting a Urge sheep ranch near 

Sulphur, South Dakota, were the 
guests of Mr. and Mrs. R, P. Toley 
several days last week. Mr. Davis 
purchased an auto here and motored 
to his old home town, Sedalin, Mn„ 
where he will purchase a farm, if pos- 
sible. ..Prof. B. W. Morris and Mr. 
Isaac Drew, of Buncelon, Mo., motored 
to Bounville Saturday evening... Mr. 
Hano Bailey, one . of our foremost 
ehauffeura, drove a ear to Sedalia Sou- 
day afternoon.. .Dr. C. C. Richntdson 
reports that his business is greatly in' 
creasing, ..The people of Boonviile are 
looking forward to tho Sunday School 
Con vent Ion, 'the District Conference and 
the -Christian Endeavor, which are to 
convene here this week Their sessions 
will be held at the St. Matthew A. 
M. E. Church.' 


GtsJjwl -Feast and. Kelly under the au- 
spices .Of trustees of St. Lukes K. M. 
■E. Church, Elntwood. Park, Sunday, 
July 1. Everyone cordially invited. 
Rev. Thco. Morrison, pastor. . .First 
Baptist Junior Choral Club of ten 'girls 
and boys sang at South Galilee Bap-, 
list Church, 2800 Adam St., St. Louis, 
last Friday evening, under the auspices 
of Mrs. Mildred .Qteasdn, chairman of 
the program committee. Miss Margar- 
et St. JameB was fne pianist. . .Rev. 
Patterson, of Allenton, visited First 
RuptUt Church last Sunday morning 
and »]>oke very encouragingly. Rev. 
E. J. Buckner, the pastor, delivered a 
wonderful sermon from Mark, Jlth 
chapter, 18th nnd Hltli vrew.. ThVinc. 
"Lord, Is l.t 11".. .Key. Cochren, su- 
perintendent of mission work, St. Louis, 
was a pleasant caller also... The alum- 
ni of Douglass School had a pleasant 
automobile truck ride last Saturduy 
night. After n long ride through tin- 
country, lunch was spread on the 
ground and heartily eaten by all. A 
large'' number participated in the 
drive. Everyone reported a pleasant 
trip. Prof. K. J. Simms, president... 
Mrs. A. B. Chiam is at borne again, 
having recovered from a slight opera- 
tion. Sbe will be pleased to see her 
-friends. ..Rev. C F: Collins was re- 
turned to Blackwell Chapel by the bish- 
op to pastor another year. His mem- 
bers and congregation welcome him... 
Big picnic and barbecue on the "Hill" 
Fourth of July benoHt-of M. E- Church, 
under the. auspices of trustee board. 
The committee is putting forth 1 every 
effort to make this a grand success. 
Win. Taylor, chairman; Rev. J. L. 
Brooks, pastor. ..The Young Ladies' 
Heading Club, of St. Louis, met with 
Mrs, J. C. Lewis Saturday June S3, 
An interesting program was given. The 
young ladies -left highly delighted with 
the afternoon spent on the lawn and 
the splendid luncheon served 

FAasinsaroM notes \ 

By Misa D. T Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chsppelle and 
daughter, of Coffman, were the guests 
of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Buford last 

week. Mn. Cbappellc was up for den- 
tal care, ..Mr. Tho*. Cayce has mad* 
modem improvements on his home re- 
cently. ..Mr. Samuel Burke has ac- 
cepted employment at Crystal City.,. 
Mrs. Annie Bridges i* custodian of 
some beautiful crocheted articles... 
Booker T. Baker his retained from a 
year's workat Sumner High, to which' 
school be gives great praise. ..Mrs. S. 
A. Smith will perfect the organisation 
of the Modern Woodmen, with tho ns- 
sistaneo of the commander, .Inly S. . . 
Mr. Robert Simpson returned to Crys- 
tal Monday. . .The Beehive rally of tho 
M. E. Church la in full. progress. The' 
queens are Meadames E. J. Harris, 
Cha*. Baker and Robt. Simpson, Every 
dollar raised will be one gallon of hon- 
ey. The hive will contain one hun- 
dred gallons. The. rally will close tho 
latter part of July. ..Mrs. Jane Hunt 
attended to business at Frederirktown 
last week... Rev. W. H. Spurlock, Mrs. 
Clara Poston, Mrs. Jane Hunt, Miss 
Bertha Stnren and. Miss Mae Baker arc 
attending the Sunday school convention 
at Cape Oirardeau this week. ...The 
club, of which Mrs. Simpson is- queen, 
will mnke honey July 4. ..Miss, Hor- 
te-uso Kennedy whs hostess to sihtccn- 

business here 


' By E. B. Williams 

Miss Blanch Bell, of Alton, was the 
guest of Miss Leolu Brown last week.. 
...Mrs. Jesse A. -Stewart, of Steelc- 
vil)c,'Iil.. WSS the guest of her sister, 
Mrs, E, E. Williams, last week... Mrs. 
Mary MeConell,. Mrs, Laura Brown, 
Misses Mildred- and Edua- Pendleton, 
Mrs. Jemn! A. Stewart. Mrs. E. E. 
Williams, llev. Searcy, Messrs. William 
anil Curl Brown attended iurinm-m-e- 

m at l.iucutn High School, East St. 

Louis, 111., last Tbuotduy...Mrs. Fhn- 
nil' -Singli'tuu, of East St. Louis, was 
the guest of relatives here a few days 
_jigo...Mrs. Lena Ward is the guest of 
her sister, 'Mrs. Moilev. . .Little Aaron 
Fair, sou nf Mr. David Fair, who has 
boon ill for so'nie time, passed away 
last Sunday evening-, ,/tfca Stewardess 
of the A, M. E. Church entertained 
last Wednesday aftcjnoon at the 
church, in honor of the birthday of 
Mrs. Mary Rollins, who is one of the 


» Br MUs H. N. Jonas 

Mrs. Martha Maham. of Allenville; 
joined the Cape Delegation that went 
to Caruthersville. Mi,., last Tuesday, 
eicept Second Baptis^ Church. They 
returned Monday, reporting an excell- 
ent session, which exceeded the on a 
.of last, year- in finances. . .Last week 
was spent preparing for the entertain- 
ment. of tlic visitors at the A. M. E, 
Church, A greet many delegates have 

on with its usual success East Sunday, 
while baptismal 'services wero conduct- 
ed at the A. M. E. Church: In the 
afternoon the memorial services of Ei. 
a. M. Steer, Willis N. Brent, Mrs. Kb-. 
lis Moore Fields,, of U. B. F, and S. M. 

T., were conducted. ..Sunday- evening 
at.? o'clock Mrs. Cynthia B. Pet: and 
Mr. WJJBHoad .were quietly married 
by their pastori Kev.-M. H. Smith, at 
the home of the bride. Only tho im- 
mediate family and very few friends 
were present. An Informal reception 
was given at her' home Monday eve- 
ning. The couple'' received many beau- 
tiful and useful 'presents. A delightful 
menu was served. 

CAtafP. ILL. 

ilia. 'Geo. Baatrom, Jennie Xelson, 
Ella James und M. V. ticott entertained 
Inst week at St. Mary's Park in hon 

Jr of Mrs. Willie Mae Martin '» sister, 
Irs. Oeueva. Butcher, of lndiuuapulis, 
Indiana. Those present were: Misses 
Ol.ii-- Liintiin, Lulu Counts, Vesta Lew- 
i% l.yda Tyler, Verbena Dunlnp, l.ii- 
nie Jenkins, Jennie V. Graves, Anruu 
Van vac tor, Jr., Margaret McKiuncy; 
Mesdamca Gertrude Biddle, Oeueva 
Buleher, Willie Mae Martin, Sadie 
Dnulap, Ellen Thompson, Mayme a: 
Douglass, Mattie Bledsoe, Aramintn T. 
Lewis, C. O. Lewis, Francis Vanvactor, 
Mary Wanvaetor, Georgia. E tlatk. El 
la UajtiHeld, Blanche Cherry, It. JL 
Vonng. Fraukie McKinney.'Ettu Black. 

A. A,. Martin, Sr The C.. M. E. Cun 

feieare will convene here Wednesday, 
Haue.33, 11)17. Rev. Jones, pustur. .-. 
The Baptist Sunday School L'ojiveniinn 
met Lero last. Wednesday. June JO. 
M17, at'Mt.. Moriah Church; llev. lt,i 
nun. pastur. . .The white dress |uirmk 
last Suuduv was u gruiid success... Mr 
Cha*, Allinun, of St, Louis, Mo., i, 


our city su.i 




Mi-ses MinhiO Crourli. 
ami Fannie Kussel left Sunday for 
Cuiliondnle, to attend the Stale Sur 
mal,..Mr. U. K. Blair passe,! through 
here en-toute to Detroit, Mich.,.. The 
A. L\ K. aud D. of A.'s will .give a 
grtuld reception Fourth of J u iy at 
lEtB-Strecl Hall, l'rof. Kelly's orehes- 
trn will furnish music. 


Bj Mrs. C. P. Jackson 

' Little Misses Lucile and Demur 
Wyalt departed lust Sunday tor Kan- 
sas I'ity to spend the' summer with 
their num.... Mr. Isnni- Johuson imswd 
awav Monday, at his home on (.iar field 
Street... Mr. Chas. BullincClrft Satur- 
day night for Humbdlt, Teun., to visit 
hi- inuther, Mrs. Auua Co]ieland. . . 
The A. tX E. League gave an enter- 
tiiiunient Friday night. An enjoyable 
evening was spent and a neat suni .was 
realised. Miss -Willyo Smith, president i 
Miss Fern Smith, secretary. . .Mrs. Ma- 
rie Hogan White, of Sedalia, /Mo.,' 
Grand Lecturer uf O. 0. C, visited 
Prim Huso Court last week, While here 
she was the guest of Mrs. It. It. Wyutt. 
...Prof. A. J. Anthony returned home 
Monday from Caruthersville, Mo., where 
he attended the B. V. P. U, Conven- 
tion... Misa Katie Smith was hostess 
to tho Ladies' Community Club other 
honie on flam -Street last Monday. 
Fourteen members Sud seven visitors 
were present, l'rof. and- Mrs. A, J. 

guests of honor. An. intet 
cram was- rendered by Mr 

ens, Prof. A. J. Anthony -and Miss 
Katie. 'Smith: After transacting all. 
business,- the hostess served ice cream 
and cskc. Jn oach dish of cream there 
was a tiny envelope. Mrs, C. P. Jack- 
son was asked to read the conteats, 
which anuoubc&d the engagement of 
Miss Willyo Smith to Mr. W, A; Car- 
ter, of Leeper, Mo. The next meeting 
will be held_at-the home of Mrs. E. 
S. l'emilctnii July B. Mr.-. M. R. Wyntt, 
president: Mrs. T, A. Henderson, sec- 
retary; Mrs. ft P. Jnekson, reporter... 
Mrs. E. Love entertained toe Steward- 
Ms Board of the A. M. E. Church ut 
her. home on [5th Street Tuesday night. 
A tvJo-course menu was served and a 
pleasant evening was spent. Mri, B. 
Spencer, president; Mrs. B. Jackson, 



By Mrs. N. B. Villain 

Mrs. Georgia gjnaby and, of 
Sparta, 111., are visiting friends and 
relatives in this .itv,,.Mr, Xeelev 
Kemp, of Alton, accompanied his sis 
ter. Miss Gladys Kemp, holue Snndav. 
. ...Mr. Jlullie Meredith is .visiting 
friends 'mid relatives in St. Louis and 
test St. Loots.. .Um Marfe Meredith 
entertained Mr. nnd Mr,«. Joseph Mnd 

ison and family at dinner last Sunday. ' 
...Mrs. Sf, B. Villara was called, to 

St. Louis «n account' of tho death of 
her aunt; Mrs. Malindi Vaughn, June 
le...Kr«. Itutb Patton has returuedto 
her 'home, at Independence, Kaasas... 
Those on 'the siek list this weak are: 
Mre. Louisa Davis, Mrs. Mildred Dav - 
is, Miss Gladys Kemp and Mr. Roscoe 
Davis. . .Mr. Wilson Thompson and Mr. 
Arthur Brown are eunvalesecat. ..Mrs. 
Theresa Haieiels and family havo 
moved to Festus, Mo...Ttev, W. C. A*. 
len spent Sun.lay at Ironton. . .Mrs. 
Hannah Allen was tho guest of Mt. 
nnd Mrs. Frank Villars while Rev. A.1- . 
len was away:, . .Mrs. Georgia Madison 
left for St. Louis Sunday. .,Hev. J, D. 
Burksdale conducted (Juarterlv Meet- 
ing at the A. M. E. Church "Sunday^ 
June 24...Sey. J. D, Barksdale and 
H. A, King left for Cape Oirardeau, 
Mo.. Monday to attend the District 
Conferonee of flic 'A. M. E. Church. 

Tho Meachnm Park First Baptist 
Church, Mcncbam 1'ork. So. Kirkwond, 
Mo. Preaching Sunday 11 a. m. and S 
p. m. Prayer meeting , r i a. m.also Tues- 
day and Friday nights. Covenant and 
■aerament every fourth Sunday at 3 
p. m,, B. Y. P. P. at 11:30 p,\m., Sun-' 
day school at 0:3.0 a. m. 

Try Madam Bailey 'a wondarful hair 
restorer. This shows ttas graat r«ults 
of her work after one and one-half 
years' treatment. She is always 
pleased to see vou at say tint, st 
4211 Finney Ave., or call Lladsll 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

II you would tike to have mor* 
lustrous, Sowing, beauiifad, lone, 
straight hair; use one jar of Zynol 
Hstt Grower and Straightener. Price, 
SO cents, sent prepaid everywhere. Re- 
liable agents wanted. Zynol Toilet 
Products Co., (i South Ewing, Ave, 
St. Louia. Ua ~\ 


team and Hot Water Radiator 
A Specialty. All Kinds of 
Stoves Repaired. Call . . . 

E. M. PMchaH 

4314-a Lucky St. Louia, Ho 

Motto. — Do business with a neigh- 
bor, whenever this ia possible, but at 
any rats do •businaaa with your own' 
raea.— American Woodmen. ■ 

Rheumatism and 
Kidney Troubles 

Excellent Blood Medicine and 
All Dyciyitlia 

Con Sick 

"in 3 

Wm. Roberts ift 

Tbe Water 

-i = ==■■• Wfamt 

Prepimtiop far the ireiUntil of Prapiy Xaplai 


Registered V, S. A. 
4241-W Kennerly Ave. 

Phtme, Delmar 1592 

St. Louis, Missouri. 


1/ ■ ''■ ■ •-'' '' ":' s>t< 


fp &t. Coma Argua 




J. E. MITCHELL ,.......■'. Managing B 

HERBERT T. MEADOWS— a&_-„:„.City Editor and AdvertUincil* 

. -City Editor tad Advertising Mu>(cr 

Address all Communication to 


UM Yur 

Six Month*... 
Three Months. 
Single copy.,. 


Advertising Rates Furnished on Request 

Asrll i. 1911 at ihr P«l OBlt. a Salat Loon, I 







On account ef the demand forspeto 
ia the Argus all church notices, put 
lished free hereafter, will ho limited to 
two inches, or 100 words. All overthiit 
■ mount will, be charged for at the 
rata of S3 renin per inch, or one-hit ( 
Cent per word. First i>«go notices at 
regular rate. 


lit. Rev.' Frederick Foote Johnsoi 
Bishop .Coadjutor of tha Diocese rfl 
Missouri, preached a grand scrmo; 
last Sunday morning on "Patriotism. ' 

Ttiii Suudiiy Rev. C. E. Arthur win 
preach at 11 a. m. and administer 
the sacrament of Holy Communion, 
ivith full ehoral service. There "will 
also bo Holy Communion nt 7 a, m 
nn.l eVCHtog prayer at S p. m. 

The annual parish' outing will tak 
place Wednesday, July" 11, at O'Fallo, 

The members. o( the church sre putting 
forth every effort t£ raise $2,000 by 
tho latter pa,rr of Jflgust, and would 
like for every one to conie out" and 
help us. The Royal Gleaner 'rendered 
a very nice program Sunday afternoon. 
On Monday, July o I4Wa »ill celebrate 
the mortgage-burning, having paid off 
nil debts, connected with (he chnreh 
property. Rev. Dunnavant is planning 
a good program for tho .occasion. 
Prominent white and Colored minister* 
Mill be present. All in eosWially in- 
vited. ■ • , 
Rev P. \V. Dunnavant, Pastor! 


In their dilemma overthe steady migration of the Negro north 
. ward, the white people u! the south, the editors and writers, are 
doing their best to stop the Negroes, by trying to justify lynching, 
disfranchisement, segregation, and some has eone so far as to say 
that the Negro should be "kept down." "He should be kept in hie 

They are loud in saying that the south ia the best place for the 
Negro. They still insist that the south understands the Negro best 
and is best prepared to deal with him. 

Notwithstanding the fact that over three hundred and fifty 
thousand colored people have left the south, and a steady stream is 
daily leaving, the white south is still saying "we know best how to 
handtV^the race question." Those who make such statements are 
either dishonest or they are ignorant. 

Mr. Taylor Kerwierly, who is a southerner and was formerly 
managing editor of the Montgomery Advertiser, strikes the key- 
note when he says: "the fact that the; whole economic, commercial, 
educational, and moral attitude with which the white man, has as- 
sumed, and still assumes, towards the Negro i3 wrong; -and that 
while the white man has robbed the Negro of millions of dolla'rs 
through keeping the black- man in ignorance, he has also lost bil- 
lions through the same method, and will continue to do so until he 
himself changes these deplorable conditions -conditions which 
should not be tolerated in any civilized community." The very men 
who ha,ve power to change these conditions are crying the loudest 
about the Negro exodus, we are told, and "they want to keep the 
Negro ;in the south, and they are doing everything. in their power 
to do so, except the one thing that will succeed-giving him a 
square deal." 

When will the south wake up? If it will only spend a little en 
ergy in trying honestly to provide, better living conditions for the 
Negro, the problem will be solved. 


1420 N. 12th Street 

fry member, of thi. 

inde, pertaining to church mat 
Tho rally on Inst Sunday via- 


iunk our numerous friends mid w'ell 
iahersy and also the faithful club cap 
lin* that made this day ouu thai 
ill linger in our memories, 
All reported a perfect day and th ■■ 
others are not. lu bo forgotten foi 
icir services. They served a buunti 
il ami perfect dinner to hundreds. 
All »io welcomed here. 

Buy, D. W, Morris, Pastor. 


The Seven 'Church Baptist Union met 
with the 'Mt. Illive Baptist Church, 
1405 Morgan Street. Tho meeting wasa 
great success.* The sermon by Rev. G. 
ivs*. Hall, was excellent and enjoyed 
by nil. His ten was Jonah, third cbap- 
I er and seventh verse.- Collection 19.75. 
The next meeting will be with Corin- 
thian Baptist Church, SO* Antelope 
Ave., 7800 N. Broadway: ' Rev, Win. 
Anderson. Pastor, i Tnka' Broadway 
{through) ear. O. W. Hall, president"; 
Scv. L. E. Molton, secretary. J, 


The Women's Aiixilnry lo the Seven 
Church Baptist Union will meet Sundoy, 
Jnly 1, with the Corinthian Baptist 
Church, 603 Antelope Ave., at 2:i» p. 
m. An excellent projjrnm hns been pre- 
pared. Tnke Broadway (through) enr 
1> 7S00 north. Wnot forget the rally 
at Semple Ave., Baptist, Church second 
Sunday in July. Mrs. A. Hall, presi- 
dent; Mrs. B. Corker, secretary. 

New and Used Furniture 




Seem*?, . B - 4 - U buy elsewhere 

Bo»*JKr?,„ J. A. SHIELDS. 
2607 Uwtoi Ave. St Unit Mo. 





■ invited I 


Brute nature has broken out again in the sou tp. During the 
past week, three Negroes have- been lynched. The only trial was 
before 'Judge Lynch's Court." As usual none of these murderers 
will be brought to justice, nor will any attempt be made to even 
arrest the guilty parties. They say that the-acts represent the sen- 
timent of the community and the-arousea human nature, Human 
nature and brute nature are closely allied. The nature which re- 
sponds to law and order and abides by those precepts, for the gov- 
ernment of society, which human experience has taught are right, 
may properly be called human nature. But the nature which re- 
sponds to mob passion, and violates law and order, may be properly 
called bruit nature.. The higher culture the, individual 'possess, the 
further he is from the brute". So it is with communities: one man 
commits a crime, it may be a brutal one; .a- thousand men, in vio- 
lation of law. mete out summary punishment, to the first brute, but 
there area thousand brutes let loose on the community, with no 
check stall. Such condition is a pretty good"showing of the civili. 
sation in some parts of America. 


Men drafted into th* new armies by selective conscription 
must to a great extent, take their chances as to the branch oT ser- 
vice in which they serve. * "■■ 

Announcement by Provost Marshal General Crowder today was 
that assignments to different branches will be made at the discre- 
tiori of the War Department. 

Most of the men brought into, the army by draft are intended 
for the infantry. In no cases ara men. to be assigned to the navy. 
VVJ .still see no relief in sight, forthe Negro patriot. Those, who 
had the courage to apply to the recniittngofiicea in St: Louis, dur- 
ing(the past week, offering to volunteer their services, were told 
"nothing -doing. " The recruiting officers explaining, that all the 
colored regiments were full, and the seventy thousand volunteers 
called for by the President, were for white men only. 


It has just been called lo oar atten- 
tion that their is some person,™ per- 
sons, going around soliciting advertis- 
ing-, representing themselves as pub- 
lishers of the Official Program of -the 
Supreme Lodge session K. P. to be 
held in St. Louis during the month of 

The public, is hereby waned against 
such persons and ia advised that the 
Argus- Publishing Company has the ex- 
clusive right to publish the Official 
Program 'for said seaais*. And- in tea- 

statement from the secretary of tbe- 
Vt'ays any! Means Commi&ee, who let 
the contract. 
Th Whom It May Concern: 

This is lo certify that the Argus 

Publishing {.'onfpany' has the. exclusive 

right to publish the official program for 

the Muprapa Lodge Knights of Pythias. 

Cbas.'.A. Mills, Secretary, 

..Ways and Means Committee. 

Priming! Call Bonont 1452. Get 
our prices on jour catting cards, labels, 
placards; dodgers and 
Argus Print, IM1 Market Street 

Tin Booker Washington Theater has 
Ball pkosw, Bssnoat tSOS, installed 
ac th* i n a w sa n aasi'of its patrons. 

liao-" A d- 

Wednesday n 

veutiu;! ut Boonville, Mo. 1 

herMunil friends are cordial!; 

to attend the Senior llndeiivoi 

Julv L ■*• 

Mr. U. A, Walton will lead id th. 
discussion of tho topic. Mr. A. W 
Hcott, who is the "Truant Officer,' 
will deliver an address on "Consecra 

The- members of El Bethel Baptist 
I'hureh are glad to report the progress 
it the church, nude* the excellent lead, 
rship of Bi'v. Perry. All enjoyed the 
•crvlces on last Sunday. A Young Peo- 
rle's Literary Society, which was or- 
gimnoil some lime 'ago nnd the Sunday 
shool is doing excellent work. Mrs. 
— . |]ir.zic Gates hn« returned 'from Detroit, 
reury soared Hun Uieh., with hftr son, who hns been very 
packed lo hear Dr. ! II, Mrs. Anna Kdwnrds has gone to 
n miistvrly sormoii Frankfurt, Mieh., for the sninmer. Mr. 
chapter, ind and Tim Carter is home from Barnes' Hoa- 
, "Ueing b, Chris I itnl. Visitors are always weleome'at 
n of six ".ill leave bur services. Rev. W. W." Perry, Pastor, 
to utteud tho con- 1 . . . . 


•• AR» ES. EL. BE •„ 

* (R.S. L. B. Trade «lt) 

A wonderful remedy for Rheanntism, Scrofalo, Stomach Trouble Lum- 
bago and Blood Remedy, on sale at 
Erneit L.' Drug Stare, 1M N/Jeftenoa Ave.,St. Uois. Mo 

11.00 per bottle. All mail orders promptly filled on' receipt of money 
order. Send your qrder loday to th« " 

DH.Sheltnn. Agent, 42fl Fipip St.. St, Looia. Ho. 


***•*♦•***••»> » *»••*)*»» ALWAYS ♦♦♦<»«>♦«♦♦»••»♦♦«»)♦♦* 

Call Undell 1038 De.mar 4543-R : 
... For Limousines or Touring Cars ... 

SAM SHEPARD, Proprietor WILLIS LEWIS, Manager 

Reasonable Rates. The Best Service in the City 


South Kinlocb Park. Mo. 

The progress mnd» by "the members 
|ef Second Bnptist Church, South Kln- 
' 'irh Park. Mo., is gTeat. All eipressed 
IWmsclvcs as h.iving enjoyed tho serv- 
I ees last Sunday. The Sunday school 
1 special services Sunday, with the 


of taefaeuhy of Suoioor High j ^ H ^ 

«L and has great ab.l.ty as an | , n ■ ,_ Thfl R y> p< ■„_ 

excellent meeting, last Honda 

Don 'I- forget the hour, 0;JO p. 

ujntoirs in lecture ruom.' Seud. 

children i£ live .'clock, to the P**> Rcv ' Harold preached 
or.. , intermediate at 8=30 p. - " rr,n K B " mon k" S " n<l8 ^ 


Vesper services will be 
Forest Park, under the au 
Whenllcy Branch t. W. 
Market Street line to 
Place, cross to road for 
and follow to tho sign t 

"=■;■■ ■ 

on due ted in 
pices of the 
:. A. ' Tako 
Gran d vie »■ 
the right. 

held Jr.ini \-A!, 


fir. W..B. Johnson, after sttcndin- 
(he commencement exercises at Wilbci 
force, Ohio, last week, returned 1:1 
time to till, his" pulpit Sunday morn- 
iny ut. 11. o'clock, where an uuusuaJLv 
large eoiigregution greeted him. When 
he ascended Lbc sacred desk, he .-.■ 
lected f.jr his text St. Matthew, 1 7t !i 
chapter, liist -and second vctaes. .U11 
ing had a few dajg, rest, his strengm 
HMmed to have been renewed. At the 
conclusion of his sermon twelve, pi's - 
son 1.-. united with the cburcb. Dr: John 
sons oldest daughter,' Miss Mabel,' r. 
turned with her father, to spend her 
vacation here. The Misses Johnson 
have united with tho church. A r. 
cep'iion was given in honor of tn-' 
young ladies and Mr. Crenshaw, on; 
of Sumner High. School graduates, ^i, 
a joy able evening 

.\ -.-.:. 

C. K. Ho" 



Report of Orphans 

Jlome Board 

The Board of Managers of the St. 
touis Colored Orphans' Homo submit 
lie following report for their May 
Anniversary. May 20, 1617. ' ' 

• nbernncle BHptist Church S 3.60 


Mme. lindsey^T 

Colored Trance SpiritoaJist 

■UMHCS5*CEHTS and vr 

From M0a.IL Is KM p. id. 

6152 MuMire Ave. 

Urhw-J-Fsrimssa aas St. Osrks Cvs 

-In n. in-.- School. 

Antioeh JJsptii 

Paul A. M. E. Church...... 

Thessalnninn Baptist Church 

1 vide nee Baptist ■ Church 

W. M. B-. Astioch Baprl Ch.. 
King.'s Daughters, Cen.. Bspt. Ct. 
Zion Baptist Chureh 

wnic i'rateruity— Volunteer 

eolleetion ("•/■• 

Knight Templars -. 

True Blue Lodge '- 

It. Olive Chapt*r No. 3 

yrncuse Lodge NO. 5S-^K. P,.. 
. q. Johnson, I^idgc No. ,30.... 
J'edinah Temple, No. 39,....'...- 

Chapter, No, 7 

Temple Dts. of Elks 

JidaStiir. Chapter, No. IS— O. E. 8. 

. Louis Chapter. O. E. 8 

is, Court of Calanlhe Np. 1. .. 

.Court . ... '..-. i,. 

Vnited Sisters No. I.... 

l>ella Hawkins, Mr. K. H. thomis an. 

Miss Minnie Kuss left for Boonvili. 

Uo where they M--mMl the L.i- r MeN.ry 

tnet Conference at the Sunday School £*£££ ■„*_,,,„„, Wri-ht... 

(«orj vent ion. Bishop.iParks has pn 

ised-to bo with us .fcjuuday, July 

Strsnjjert always weloome; 

1 V 

2. CO 


- •■■ Copde Ave., at Cote Bitlliiute 
t are glad 

emeOt of the augn-i [ ns 
N. Owens, who i-l 
me new instructifejln 
te pleasing, to noiTs*. 

t<i report .the rhpii 
progress of uur Sunday school, node 
The c'flicient. management of the 

ever-ready .with some 
feature. It, is quite 
the numerous new faces each Simda-. 
Cooe and help swell tho number »i' 
spend an hour with us in our worshi] 
Hear the footstep* pf Jesus: He is . n, . . 
passing by, bearing, balm for 't!i 
•rounded., and healing all >ho apph 
The sertiees are abort, instructive aii. 
uplifting *t oer ehnrch. An appropri 
ate message by the minister at 11 s 
m. .and 8 p. nt, Sunday school at 12:3" 
Dr. L. Ii. Washington . D. D, Pastor. 


Services at Leonard Avenue Bapti^ 
Church were enjoyed by all present las 
" Vul WW larp!y 

Telping Hand— Miii tie Wright 
luilding Laborers' International 

Pro. -Union of 'America. . .. £0.00 

Colored Waiters' Alliance. .. ~ ,. S-W 

!itir.ons' -Belief Aseociation 10.00 

I'riic IrfidgeNo. »1, A, P. * A. M. 5.00 

iloam Court . 2.00 

Vomsn's Auxiliary of Pullman 

Porters : ........'.... 1.00 

4th Begimeut Band..!... 1 5.00 

JfCirdrobe Clob 5-OG 

I nsurnnce. Club -. 8.00 

Individual Donations ■' 

irs. M. B. Wallnees... 10.00' 

Galloway . . , S.0O 

J:ra. Sarah qaltovray m ,.\ 5.00 

Mios Narinie Whitman 2.00 

Mrs. Josephine W. Broekway... '2.00 

.Irs, Ada Parker.. ! l-Ott 

Ira. Kate Richardson 1.00 

(r. Wm. Caldwell ■,,. 1.00, 

Miss Jessie Lee 1-00 

Cr. P- J. Brosrn 1.. LOO 

)lr. H. M. Floyd....- 1.00 

(r. Wm. Robinson .--■■>■ U* 

arrison and McKoin. i.oo 

It. Jan. Yonng. 1M 

*r: John T. Anderson ....... 5.00 

-Irs. Cramer .'. tM 

Poat-Dtspatck . -...' S.OO 

■aMassJM, ...--»«.>.... MB 

(M Csuris Joheio-. 1» 

!r: aifford C0VJ3 1-Q0 

Balance titSBoJtt 

We take great pleasure in thanking 
tho various Fraternities and organisa- 
tions who so generoosly assisted us ob. 
Orphans' Home Day and our gratitude 
goes out to all who uidcil us in. any way. 
Very respectfully submitted, 

Board of Managers. 

Many local" people witnessed the 
ei en title demonstration made by M 
V. L. Major and assistants of Major 
Oxford College, 4246 West Belle PI., six 
tights at Harris' Drug Store and 
jell pleased with.-whnt they saw, 
himilar demonstration will be given at 
J. E. Bonner's Drag Store, Pendleton 
and North Market Sts., six nigbts/begi 
ing July i through July 7, from 8:30 
o 10:30 p. m. A free demons I ration 
Will be given of the latest methods of 
treating the scalp, hair and complexion. 
!AU are invited to attend and get an 
dea of what has been achieved in 
birty-three months. W. ' L, Major, 

The Supreme Lodge Knights of Pyth- 
ias. Entortatnroeut Commit lee met 
Wednesday night and heard several en- 
couraging reports. Chairman Buckner 
is in a happy mood over the -outlook 
for the encampment in August. Thou- 
sands of visitors are assured. The II,' 
500 deposit for prises has been made 
and the committee has more than 
enough .guaranteed subseri prions, to 
carry out l the general plana. 




■ A visit to Dr. Riley ') office will ati 
swer the- question. He soils eyeglasses" 
and spectacles on time paypients and 
let yon wear the glasses while. you are 
paying foc them, so you will- know 
the glasses sire going to-.give vou sat- 
isfaction before you pay for .them. 

He tests your eyes With the latest 
modern instrument*, and ia prepared to 
give yon prompt service, siaehmery^in- 
l tailed in his office is ran hf electric 
motors, which enables .him tn grind 
lenses -^bile you .rtit. 

H. an* the only optical manufactory 
Owned aid run by a Negro in th* (fate 

Standard Life 
Official Marries 

Special to The Argus: 

Atlanta,. Ga. — Tho. marriage of Miss 
U. Ethylynde Bibb' to Mr. HnjTy H. 
Pace took.' place at the homo of the 
bride on Wednesday night, June 20, 
1017. The ceremony was performed 
iii the living room of the home. Rev.. 
H. H, Proctorf First ^Congregational " 
Church, of this, .city, officiating, ' sj 

Tho bride wore c. gown, of Niai»y.- 
bridal, satin, combined with a court 
train. Uer tulle veil, wis draped with 
oraiige b^Bsojas- Sho carried-B hu'go 
bouquet of Bridal Roses. Her travel- 
ing suit was of dark blue with hot 
to match and grey boots. 

Mr. Paco is a man of 33 years, who 
has already won high places in tho 
business -world. His endeavors and 
achievements have covered a wide 
range since his graduation at Atlanta 
tin i versify. US' 'began hi* career as a 
school teacher in' Jeffersoo City, Mo., 
and since then has achieved success in 
all his undertakings. For quite a'nuot- 
ber of year* a« "wos cashier fh. the Sol- 
vent Savings Bank and Trust Company, 
Jf em phis, Tennessee, during which 
time he was. active in politics- and' 
prominent in fraternal ism, this latter 
culminating in his election to Grind 
Exalted Bulcr of the I. B. P. O. Elks. 
Four years ago ho came to Atlanta 
to become secretary of the Standard 
Life Insurance Company, later combin- 
ing the position with that of treasurer. 
Today he is sec ret ary- treasurer .of this 
company, and it was largely through 
his efforts that tb*> company has come 
to be the strongest, best organised and 
most efficient Colored corporation in 
the. United State*. 

The -Booker Washington has a Bell 
phone, Bomont 2208, installed for the 
patrons. ' * 

ivcnieacc Of 


Any married man arriving in St. 
Louas, seeking profitable employment, 
can secure sane by reporting to -J. 
O. Ferris, IB V Jefferson Ave, who 
will give hint work at once.. • 

FOR RENT— One furnished room or a 
II room. All modem .eoui'euieaees. 
Pbtae Lindell 3968W. J - 

FOB RENT.— Neatly famished rooms 
for respectable eouple, er two gentle-. 
men.' All conveniences. Phone Lindell 
147SH. Apply *05.1a Cook A vs.— Mrs. 


na n. Lotrii Alain 



Mr. T, L. Gentry", MIS Pine, in gob- 

valescing;' after ft .week") illness. 

Boonis for light- housekeeping . *t 
summer rate* at Utopia Hotel, 8B4S 
Morgan, i'j 

Nice clean rooms for light house- 
keeping. Utopia Hotel, £345 Morgan. 

Cards, bills , and letterheads. 
quick printing try the Argus, 2341 Msr- 
- ket Street i— . 

Minn Naomi - Moore . and Mr. Jesse 
W. Spun ware married at Indiannpo- 
"lis, Ind., Juno 21 

Mrs. Julia Hall, 28 South Spring 
Avcniif, hai. returned from a very 
pleasant visit to Chicago. 

Attorney H. A. Taylor, of No. 3 N. 
11th Street, was called to Cairo, 111., 
on business last Tuesday. 

Mr, Evans Nelaon and slater, of 2133 
Wash Street, have returned home, 
tftor a very "pleasant viait at Rivers, 

Mrs. Chas. 
will bo homt 
Saturday, Jut 
US reported. 

1287 Sutter Ave., 
s Informal Dames 
astead o( Juno S3, 

Mrs. Eva Pillow, of 205 Eoflingwcll 
Ave, left mat! Week for Columbia, 
Tenn., to attend tho wedding of her 
sinter, Miss Annie L. Gordon. 

Mr. George Walker, of 1710 OaTt St. 
Kansas City, Mo., has returned to his 
home, after a pleasant viait here 
relatives and friends. 

Mrs; Ethel, Brooke, °* D ^ lu > *■*». '■ 
Timtlng her sister, Mrs. Bath Sparks, 
4351 West Belle. 

J. W.'DcWeea left f of Hannibal, Mo., 
this week to be with the Home Pro- 

Mr. and Mra. Chas, Gates, 4107 Pis 
-•\ Ave'., are being congratulated upon 
ton' arrival of a second eon. 

Mrs. Bcnitie Harden, No. 3 N, Gar- 
rison, departed June S3 to visit Tela- 
lives and friends in the South. 

Miss Myrone Casey, of Vermont Ave- 
nue, entertained the Bachelor Girls' 
I'lul. Siltttrdar, June 23. 

Mrs Sarin Moore, 2T00 H, 11th St., 
jatcrtniacd n tew friends of .Caronde- 
let and East St. .Louis "Sunday after- 

A. A. Martin, Br., of Cairo, III., Ma- 
sonic G. M. Illinois jurisdietion, passed 
through St. Louis en route to Gales- 
inirg, Saturday uu.l paid the Argus a 

Wednesday night classes, as wrll i 
^e Friday night affairs are now 
pennancnt weekly feature of the Xe 
Orpheus Academy. 

Mr. ami Mrs, L. N. Wilson, of 132.", 
Walton, will'denari Tuesday. July 3, 
for Boon vi lip, Mo., on an ex ton tied 
visit to his sister. 

Miss Ardcll-C. . Edwards, o. 
Market St., who has visiting 
at Sedalia, Mo., has returned, 
ing a very pleasant viait. , 

Kialoch Atblotic Club wi 
picnic iin.l barbecue-, July 1 

Mr. J. B. Boyd is spending- the sum- 
mer with his parents, at 623J Ridge, 
«[iit 1,1 absence of three years, ■ at- 
tending college "in WilbcMoree, Ohio. 

Little Miss L& Doris Fryort of • No. 
IB N, Garrison Avenue, left. Sunday 
morning for Columbia., Mo., to spend 
her vacation with Mr. and Mra. Suell- 

Mr. and Mrs.. Galloway, '-passing 
hrongh the city en route lb Moberly, 
Jo., hail a pleasant visit at the home 

Bf Mm. George Young, 28U« Market 


The C*r*f»tion Embroidery Club held 
its regular- meeting Friday, June 22, 
at the residence of Mra. H. Porter, 
tSSSa, Lucky. The efiolnoon waiipent 
in crocheting and transacting business. 
New officers elected were: Mrs. it. A. 
Hansom, president; Mrs. Annio Gulden, 
vice-president; Mrs. H. Porter, .secre- 
tary; Mils Violo M. Andrews, assistant. 
secretary; Mra. Fanny Pittmorc, treas- 
urer; Mia Alexander Woods, chapter; 
His. llora l'riest, reporter. Our guests 
were Miss Moddey, Miss M. L. Cachs 
and Mrs. Sylvor Lee, who rendered a 
few " piano selections. . The hostess 
served a delicious luncheon and pre- 
sented each Member with a beautiful 
bouquet: The next meeting will bo 
at the residence of Mrs, Arm an da 
Woods, 3825 Morgan. 


John. MeDay 

Mra Tisbenr Pious. 
Clark Harrison.... 

.1517 Chestnut 
.1617 Chestnut 
.1912 N. Ilth 


Tho home of Mr. and Mrs. L 
Black, of 3028a Laclede Ave., wai 

scene of a beautiful birthday party 
June 31, thot of Mrs. 11. H. Black. Also 
a meeting of the -Xasturtium 
Club: ' 

Tho pnlat.iarhomO with a charming 
decoration of cut flowers uad pot plan 
presented a scene of- beauty' for the 

■ All enjoyed tho excellent remarks 
made' by Mrs. C. K. Robinson; also 
the grand music rendered by Mrs. L. 
B. Bolnr ami Miss B. Wit. 

Beside the. club members, the in 
vitod guests were: Mcsdames W. 
Brown, J. Shepherd, 11. L. Wade, D. 
Saunders, C. K. Hobinson, Williams and 
H. Witt. 

The table was flllcil with tnonv rich 
and exquisite presents from club mem- 
bers and friends. The host and -host- 
a exercised greatest care .n serving 

delicious repast.. 
The favors for each was a bunch' of 

eet peas. Ati expressed themselves 
having bad a delightful time. 

Misses Susie and Muiie Gosain, o 
Garlield ' r Ayo,uuo, were at home t 
friends Thursday afternoon and eve 
ning in honor of Miss Bell, of Boston 
Who is their guest. 

Mrs, Maud Cochran, 4011 Cook Ave, 
is quite ill in the hospital,, the result 
of . taking two biehoride of mercury 
tablets, mistaken fur headache remedy, 
Saturday, June 23. 

Mrs. Sarah Stuvciison, 
vc, is" visiting in Poo: 
uett uf Mrs. Bfasio Tho 

4005 Cook 

Mr. A. J. Pope, of Ann Arbor, Mich- 
igan, has accepted the position of phar- 
macist at "Harris 1 Drug Store, 100 N, 
Jefferson. Ave. 

Miss Marguerite _ Hayes, of 4334 
vtest Belle- I*L, had M her guests last 
week. Miss Lillian Adams, of Alton, 
111., and her cousin, Miss. Manilla 
Crews, who is a, student of" Morgan 
College; flnltiiuufe.^-Md." 



ere and bcuught v 
'. pleasure. Altho 
jSg folks are in t 
lags are ,\ 



is the 


Mrs. Lucy J 
her bom,e, [St 
two-weeks' visit to our virv 

Echoes from Miss It. ;,. 11 
the Windy City is affording 
pleasure. S 
Mr. and. M 
East 12nd 1 

The death-claim of Mrs. Z. P. Harri, 
has rcri-ntly been paid to her young 
est daughter, Tuclnin. It eumea front 
the order" of the S. at T.s. 

Corinthinn-tjuiuus Chapel Sunday 
School picnic in- Curondelet Turk Au 
gust 11. 

Mr. jl W. Fields and. Mr. Geo, Pur- 
ter are worse again, "while Thomas 

Mra, Nettie Coopor 1012 K, 12th 

Will Jackson -14.00 N. 14th 

Lula Tutum 1400 N. 14th 

Joe Skcon ; 2730 Clark 

Liievenie Johnson. . .2Qp S. Lefflngwoll 

Ben I,. Davis '..;.. .Marshall, Mo. 

IdaDotson .-. 5297 Westminster pi. 

Lnther Halsey 51120 Plymouth 

Eleanor i'crrv Elmwood, Mo. 

Theodore Jtertmau .2608 Franklin 

AUee jturkhend...-. 0158 -Minerva 

Edgar J. Bowman ......SB14 line 

Amanita M. Ifausoni. .. .Ferguson, Mo. 

Pearl Jackson 2807 Laclede 

Pearl WhilhcJmina Chatman.- 

• ; --■-, 280T Laclede 

Peter t.'rus* i^>ti Spmcv 

Mra. Susie Parker. ....... 122(1 Spruce 

William MeClcndon -ItMil Fairfax 


Mablr Ward '.. 

50.1 a.33ra 

James Smith 

Emma ftobins . . 

207 X. Jefferson 
123 S,-!tth 

Andrfru Bon-ens^. .-. . 
Luetic McClindj^it 
Edward Di-Shield*. . . 
Ella Adams 


2013 Pine 

.Kirkwoo.1, Mo. 
fKirkwuod, Mo. 

William Fields 

May Harris 

.......2820 Olive 

....821 S. 22nd 

Geo. UVlib 

Mary Tarsoji - 

Jim Fe;irsun 

Mrs. Tiertnftto Scotr. 

B. St. Ixiuis, 111. 
712 N. Jeffer-on 
..12^1 Merchant 
.1231 Merchant 

Everett M. Bibb 
liona K. White 

. . . 1822 Morgan 

Calvin Houston Stevely. ,39.18 \V. Bell. 
Mrs. -Alberta Wychc llnnglanil. . . . 

3063 Cook 

Charle- li.idford . .3105 Clarenre Ave. 

I.eln Buck 4*41 Kennprlv 

George ttottM- ...,I>44 W, CnbrAime It. 
Caasie Brown ....OH W. 1'abnnne ft. 

Koberr Fnrrell 2721 Clarke Ave, 

Jcanm-iria Harris 

■ • :...,. Webster Ilnoves, Jfo. 

Sam Ijiiiuinghain ...... Kirkw.ioil, Mo. 

The Slaughter System 




System taught by mail or at College 

For further information, write the 


Saint Louis, 




11 lug. 

Miss Lela Uudk„4t41 Kennerly, 
dr. Charles L. Radford, 3105 Ciarci 
vere quietly married .in Clayton June 
11, They are at home, 13flSa Garfield. 

Mrs. H, L. Wade, or AM- N. CUra 
Ave., will leavo the city July. 3, to) 
.Nashville, Tenn., to be natron of hon 
or at tha woddinii of Miss Mionti 

Mrs. Julia Pitta, of 709 N. Bwin E 
Ave., has returned from Lafayvtte, 
InrL, whore ; law has bean Tiaitin;; 
friends. She reports a v*ry nleasant 


Miss Marguertt 

! W 


a, of Cook 

Aven-iie, entenaiqed 


a dnuce 

Tuesday eveninp, 


£6, i 

1. honor of 

Mr. 1'ettiford, ol 

Boston^ w 

10 has re- 

turned home. 


Miss Maggie JackBOfl„ 3803 Pine, is 
;;- from a broken shoulderblade 
tained in an nuto accident while 
urning from a boat eirurfcion \Ion- 
-, June 18. S* 

Mr.. S. Uill, of East St. Louis, ffrr^ 
mat member of First Baptist, in this 
. ritv, will leave for Indianapolis. Mon- 
day to spend a conple of^weeks-witb 
relatives and friends. *-- ■ 1 

Mrs. M. A. Edwards, of 4241 W. 
fiarfield-Aye.-, accompafiied by Mrs. It 
H. Harris, of Kansas- City, will leave 
for Bayonne, S. J'., Jamaiea, S. Y., 
and other points East, July 2. 

.National Grand Muster William Her 
bert Field, and Xatibnal (jrand (Ji 
ganij*f W. H. Kin^, of tho A. I'. K 
and 1). of A., visited tjuiney. 111., Tue. 
day, where they, ijjre the guests 
Mrs. Julia Dyson, M. E. <J. of tier. 
Oily Count-il, -A. C. K. and D. of A. 




parly to 
as a most faahion- 
nble events The number of guests at- 
tiindinir, especially paeaatt of tho"grad : 
Dktss,, was lie largest in tho record 
of these BtiaU. Everything eontrib- 
ut«r harmyiiiously and artistieaUy to 
an evening bf tare 'enjoyment. 


boat excursion hut Monday 
niglii was undeniably the greatest sue- 
teas in the hiatory of Orphena outings. 
In fact, Captain Thorwepan, of tho 
.Steamer Grey Eagle, stated that tho 
rrowd was the largest in years. This 
sji.'aEs »(<I1 for the Xew Orpheus Acnd- 
>'iuy and its enellcnt manager, Jas. 
W. Grant. . . 

The Meiroap Art Club, met at the 
residence of Mrs. Jessie Junes, 4447 
Cottage Avt, Friday, j; U ao 22, After 
an hour spent in crocheting out hostess 
invited us into a lovely dining room, 
where we wore served a delicious 
luncheon. -Mrs, Louie Jf. Beii was 
goost of honor. Our neii mooting will' 
it the residencp of Mrs. MGi-phy, 
l.aelcdo Avenue. 
Mrs. Brfle Duvall, I'res. _ ' 
Mrs. Julia Alexander, Sec 

A Fourth of July i-elebrution will 
bo held at the I'ine Street 1'Iay^round 

I. Salute to tin- Uag. 
2. 'Scmg, "America." 
■3. Reading of the Declaration'of In 

4. Banana-cracker contest. 

5. Game — tying couples. 

tT -Clothes hanging contest. 

7. Kooster fight. . 

tL 11a tpin'peanut race. 

U. ;i'cnni:i gimc 

10.' BaaebaJl game. 

11. 'Song, ^Star-Spangled Banner." 

This is tha first of a series of pro 
grams which arc being planned for thi 
line Street Playgrourfd. 

"Director, MT. Oerald Tyler; Instruct 
or, Mias Helen Ei McVYortor; Custodi 
an, Mr. Lemoino -Watson. 

Mrs. Jennie Blajid, of 4357* N. Mar 
ket ft., wishes [o unnounee'lhe engage, 
inent ..f her. daughter. Miss. Eliiabeth 
to Pref. William L. Hutchim«.n, ol 
Clarki-Mlle. Tenn., Attiruet !. iBir. 



Ening, IP. 

T. W. O. A. NOTES 

The lost "pop"' 1 concert was 
by a large apprcciauve audiei: 
day afternoon: Vesper hour 
held neit Sunday, July 1, in 
Park. See sjiccial notice foi 
tiona. - , ■_^- ; *-"-- 

e girls summer ijbrk 
Wednesday at B a. m. Classes 1 
t Tfaursdav at 4 p. m. Mrs 


Mrs. Mamie Clardy, .of Chieago.'waa 
le guest nf her brother, Mr. Walter 

. and Mrs. Taos. Wyatt. of 2527a 
*". Kewstead Ave., have aj their frueits 
Susio J. Lysta and Mrs. Joe Bass 
•f Los Angeles, Cal. Miss.Uynch fi en 
ont.e to Jacksonville, Fta. Mrs. Ba 
n route to Providence, if, 1. 

Mrs. Alice Knight, jif Alton, Ulr, 

Walnut St., lastwe-efc ., e7 tained the Married Ladfea' Th 
Sh.e will vuit £ua.u City and- uthw lob, at her K»id#nce, Thursday, June 
places East before .returning home. fc Arrangements were made for the 

ennion of the qlnb;'also the pich 

Miss Lula Brown,' of 2710 Fine St, 
left for Winnipeg, Canada, Wednesday 
nicht, June 27, She_.4hi11 be joine.d in 
New Turk City -by Mr. P, H._ Hoptins, 
of -Winnipng, who will accompany her. 

Bey. "Edward I»e Shields and -Miss 
Ella Adams, of Kirkwood," Mo, 1 were 
married June 36,. at the residence of 
K'.'v. Brooks, 3022 Larubdia Ave.. The 
1.,-uma was edebraled hy - peraoaal 
friends. ' ' - - * . 

Mr. Reuben K MK *t MWl La- 
clede Avenue,, who left the oity Thura- 

j.v Jun- 14. for Charhwtoa, 8, C-, 
where ha married Mhts E. -it. Ford, of 
tbat ."ity, has relumed with" his bride. 
Mr.' aa4 Hra. Eraser art- stoppin( at 
Douglas* Hotel, .temporarily. 

'Fallon Park. Thursday, July 19., Mrs. 
r^ia T. Buefcner? president;" Mrs! 
secretary. ■' 


The Matrons" Council. R. of J.,held. 
heir jegwlar monthly meeting on the 
, eaniifnl lawn at tne residence of Mrs. 

ertrade S. Putherlnnd. at Sinloeh, Mo. 
ftfter roll call, the members proceeded 
o ..transact boainess, after whieb tho 
ostes^ served as bountifully vriti a d> 
liKbtful luncheon. The table was beau- 
ifallj- decorated with cut flowers. All 
iprused theuaelves as having apent an 
njorable evening. The aart meeting 
vrll lie. held at the rssndne* of Miss 
(ajgia Hall, 312 80..14U St.. Wedne.- 
«y, Jnhr II. Mrs. Pinkie L." Tssny, 
naidnt; Misa Zenobia Shoulders. 



needle work li 
her classes. T 
swimming pool 

The girls' am 
Association Home ' havo decided ti 
tucet every. Wednesday evening, for, 1 
soeinl hour. They, also planninj; 1 
vaudeville show for the near futur-. 
■ Groups of ladies are meeting to so* 
for the .Bed Cross. Other women en 
rordially invited -to help in the work 
Mrs. Casey's group meets Friday; Misi 
Carters Tuesday: Mrs.'Eaton'a Wed 
nesday; Mrs. Col em 
Monday and Saturday 

Conservation lectures hre still' bei 
held on Wednesday afternoon. All 
women are invited to attend. 

The Progressive Industrial Club of 
the Missouri- Bag Factory, -an exten- 
sion, club of tha T. W, C. A., has do 
eided to hold semirmoitthly meetings at 
the Whratley Branch. ' The flrst will 
be held on Tuesday evening, July 3. 

John -D. McDonald, Decorator and 
Paperhangef. Phone, Lindeil SiJE K 
4311 Oarfleld Ave. i;-' - 

Alton, 111, 34. ' 
Bell liiim,, City Hospital, 51. 
Emma llauthorne, 10 S. 23rd, 14. 
Wjn. 0- Jon**, 4*43 MnBitt, 3. 
Mary E. Jones, 4443 Mnllitl, 1, 
Mouv.-ll Kourh, 21211 .Gratiot, 4 mo. 
Gracn Nssh. 2S42 Walnut, 33. 
Edith llicka, 42.ta Wilson, 17.; 
Sylvesttr Biggs, u30 Aihlohe, 2 mo 
Lilian Harris, 130S Wash (rear), 3 
Will Tateum, 42UU Ksnnerlv, 30, 
Marshal Edward, 2D1J Pin.-, 25. ' 
John lioild, 272il Walnol, 25. 
Ktelln Jackson, 3S*K4s t'hippewn,' 33 
Uurvlik Johnson. ~2H3G (tell, 2ti. 
Henly M./Wootls, 2Slfl Elliott. SB. 
Henry Sfe*niolis, 614 Ileaumnat, 50 
Ijixie Vp&cV, 4249 Finney, 3S. 
London Carter, 131(1 "n. It'lh, 44. 
iluby Hur-t. 1724 Pendleton. 
1-ub.mla Thomas, 2838 Walnut, fi5. 
Infant Phillips. 2024 Chestnut. 
It, 0. Burchetl, Arlesia, Miss., 40. 
MurreUus Smith, IH2ra Morgan, 20. 
Edward Bacon, 4034 Fairfax.- 40. 
Boy I. Catlrtt, J117 Cnrr, 10 mo. 
Knymond Clemons, 1440 Cass, 30. 
Willis Dunlap. 34 IS Washingtou', 33. 

beth Junes, 2«lfl' Scott, t. 
Thomas Martin. 7W N. Ilth at, 52 
Lulu K ro ne. 2o"22 Walnut, 47. 
Orabe.! Caldwell, 322 S. 23r'd, 17. 
I'enrlie I. Xewhult. 104 Johnson, 7. 
Blimey Casey. 413 Montrose, 3(1. 



We also guarantee that 

tho Sfcth will not beron- 

linually breakmg off. 




Ov.r CUhTs ■• a »., I. on Ol... 


e Irene SI 




girl wao 


11. t, 

whose body, nil 




Walter lli K; :s. »as 



ti, toe unde 



ehiliMooked beautiful 



wore rmbal 


i's TJiursdliy 
re Btiirrpen. 
hre still' faain. 

WANTED— Lady capable of 
food salary, willing to WOrlf, Must be 
able to furnish good referemeea. Apply 
Ijmol Toilet Products Co, ~Sn.t B, 
«win r Ave. 

"ish to (hank my munv frh 
relit tVfK 'for their kin.ineas 
puthy shown in the illness' 
li of my dear nioihef. Mrs. J 
.' ltiteboH, j^pwially the 
iir organisations nf »hirh she w« 
lerive worker,: for their kinilnes 
'"■anliful floral olTctine;*, and t 
It. F. Abbott for -the cbosolin 
it.ks; Mr. and Mrs, A. Itussoll fo 


P U sT ta stin and Em banners 

Pnonss: Daisaal- Kl; Llndall sietO 

«107 rinner As*. 

No One Should Have 
Kinky- Hair 


sli-nitiliten hair without- the us 
iron; makes It.e scalp healthy 
it to -grow I6ng, and' impart: 
iful luster. Only-25 renlsTtt 
Harris Drug ^bire, - 
Mosby'a Drug Store, 
Harry Dou(;lns EAnig Htore, 
Street Bros..' Drug Htorc. 
Itonner 's 0rng Store. 


Green has found aflS« euro for ihau- 
matism, neuralgia, hai' gold, headache, 
siJe, indiffestion, 



id kidney ailments, 



rlouehes. Those facts are veriBed by 
many testimonial* of both races. 

Agents wanted everywhere. For 
particulars, "call or write A. U. flreao, 
fl33!l Wagner Ave., St. Louis,. Mo, 
I'bpue, Cabany 391B. 

iD want a home rooked. Sunday 
stop at Hwans Candy Kitchen. 
've lunch daily. Dinner every 

Woman/s Devotion inTryingTimes 


rthlns itm hiart must hav 

LACLEDE, 2fl47-I*rire. fnrnished, 
ronj racjan, with gas, liliht. ptmnp, hot 
■Vh ai'id kitrhen; eonven.enees; to w 
•pectsblo couple nr gentlemen; (.1 per 





! 1 "ii ■ling Colored riowspape'r. on sab 
th.tHobe N'ews Stand. 3.'.i Beal St. 
rn.-.r"4th, 'MemphiSj Tenn- - ' 

■ -Chas. Stewart,-" A gent. 

I enon. having aay business with 
-ma will saa -Attorney Homer O. Phjllips, 
i335a Market, wbo wiS attend- to my 
legal affairs dnriaf my abaenee from 

St.. Louia. 


Oearge !,. Va«gfin, 
Atty. at Law 

U there In over a time when a mnn 
nerda a woman's presence to comfort 

ever mo 
smoothly from 
youth to old nee, 
Kaoh njanhin tils 
Ups nod d 1. iinn. 
be he klliR or 
penaant, mllllon- 
nlre or luborer. 
There's many an 
dour In every 
rami's life when 
he. feels dlsheurt- 
I'neit and lonely, 
und there Is a 
buiglns; In' bis 
heart for. the 
■ word that aoxitlies, 

I senile .'l:i."t> of Sits i,i- wboJovea 

him. If there Is Just one to talk orer 
>iIb trials. with, half the load lisilfted 
fr^m hia hetirt. Those who iCtljUKt 
a man In prosjferHy. cannot always be 
dependril on lo' stand, by htm when 
misfortune assails him. . In tlmea o'f 
mlversity be knows better than to ex- 
pect con mil a lion- from Jbe- frivolous 
women who have flattered hlni, be- 
canae be was a liberal escort In times 
of- plenty. He knows thaKwomen of 
this ralilier would oat stick by a (Ink- 
ing Ship:' . 

W^ien he Is- flown on lils lock, dfub- 
iKdear to bua Is the brave woman> wbo 
lays her band oo his arm and says 
consolingly: "Let na forego eitravs- 
fnnt pleasnrea for the present. That 
which one-ennnot afford should not be 
Indolged )o. Fortune 'will 'snUJ* oo 

you aentn. then we ran enjoy what 
the' fiin\t provide." 

A young "lull whom I knew, hold- 
ing an eacx-thHit position, was e^nally 
enntliond iif two -very pretly' glrla. 
one mil. knowing e^the eilsteneo nf 
the other. It see in, j a hupeteeni taak 
to try.i.i.jleelde which, one be .cared 
moat for. lie was a Jolly good fellow, 
apendlni; hlx mom-y lavishly on the one 
he took out, When the call came to 
go to Me\lcn. ha threw up his good 
position, uiihout a word b( "regret, 
and lolmil llle troops off for the bor- 
der, ppen his return he founri an- 
other In hla place. The firm did not. 
reinstate hlrn. There wos nothing for 
It but to svcrire employment wherever. 
he could. Jl<- called opon both of tho 
Klrls, between whom bis; Heart waa 
imtnndrig eipmlly. In both homea bo 
wna greete;l'*wnrmly. To each glri bo 
made a frank statement of hit reverse" 
or fortune. . Going out with a young 
man -high In hanking circles' was,™ 
ihlng, .and being seen dining la very 
much chenn.rr.'staDrantawlthayoting 
fellow who was only a salesman In a 
florist sliop, now. was qolte another 
matter, as ho was made to understand 
by one young woman. The' other (lrl . 
Jield out boil, hands to him la deep 

"Let me try. to help yon forget JOfflr 
misfortunes." she said. "Tnero are 
many,, public affairs we can go to- 
which call, for no einetldltnres. Mo 
donbt we .will Und them equally en- 
joyable." -. , , 

Tnat glrfn devotJoa touched the 
Igbt ebon] to his heart It was the 
turning point of his career, a posi- 
tion better then he had at Unit -was 
offered blip. On the day he enteretl 
on bis new On ties he proposed mar- 
riage, which followed shortly after. 
Be bad learned by a hart leaaon b> 




Negro Business 




Personal, Business- and^Pro- 
fessional Cards. Buaineaa 
Chances, For Sale" or Rent 
Houses, Stores, Flats. 5c per 
line; minimum 15c. 

Help Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed, For Rent Rooms, Booms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display A Is 50j! per inch 
Special Rate- "«i 4-time Ada. 


Tuner, Repairer and Finisher 

of Pianos Reed and Pipe Organ 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

- ii..j ■* rn - » --■«■— 

2T02 I.awton Ave. St. Louis, 


The old Picket store. Jefferson and 
Lawtoa Ave.. Cut rat* prlee*. This 

store l* often 

imitated, but sever 

For lain ■ tXnHftil '-' SOxlM, with 
e alee three-room home, seller, wet*r La 
nonee. gas. end good eietera wetef da 
toe ooleide, mo porehe. on north ud 
■oath rides. Granitoid in front, ne*i 
Court Hjose Worth I2.B0O, e»o be 
bought (01 S1.SU0 cash. Cell end in 
speet, *%3 Bonhomme Ave. Apply et 
417 Bonhomme Ave., Clayto*. Mo. Aeh 
for Daniel White. IM») 

' FOIt BENT.- 
modem eonveni 
Uemen. Apply 

,-..-.! :■,.■ 

31gn Painter and Interior 
rmt-Olaai. Warfc. 
Pr j EM Buaonabta 

3132 Fstr A vinos. 



Lie-used a ad bonded, electrical 
contractor. W* will wire your rjd 
or new house and furnish you 6k 
turef and give you si* months i^Ont 
rear to pay for it Fane rented. sold 
and repaired. 

"The roae ia red, 

Tbe vloleti an blue, 

I need. yoor work 

And Other* do too." 

Call or 

me, 2311 Horga 
Chat. H Smith 

TOOMUCHtllJUtGriNational - 


Thi* Handy Way of Buying Often 
Cause for Thou 
Nighti of Worry. 


POH RENT.— NeatLV furnished 
room*" to tw.o Christian gentleman. 
Ptioei reasonable. \d dress Dot 23, 

FOR SALE— To Colored jii'0|il.\ (wo 

lots in Kairmont Park, neat II ri .ice ton. 

Cheep. Inquire of M.r*: V. Byeei, 5000 

Goraldinc Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

FOR SALE— I. the undersigned, havt 
four . lot* for sale in South Kinlocb 
Park, with fruit tree* (hot u-ill bear 
this year. Cheap. Wi* Rhode*. TO: 
Clarence Ave., flt. Louis, Mo. Phone 
Forest 23T8. Deltas lt.-.l.l; . 6-S-*. 

Heat gold- Iliad «ycgi***e* for only 
one dollar. Money bask if you waat 
it. Sale Monday end' Tue*day at 
Harry Q. Douglass, Pneeription Drug- 
giet Quality and Herviee jSton, S4O0 
North Pandleton Avenue. / 

We actually sell you the genuine 
KO Id- filled eyeglasses or speeUel* 
frame*, guaranteed to aaaay J>10th IB- 
karat gold Oiled, and to wear for tan 
years. Similar glasses elaewksre, $3.90 
With these frame* la a pair of our 
genuine periscopic crystal lens**, fitted 
free" by our expert irptician,- who has 
bed years of ax parlance in fitting 
glaaeea. For only on* dollar. Speed*). 
lenses .extra- 13.50' rimless gis 
$2:25; IJ-00 bifocal*, two pair* in 
for 13-00. Similar gla*M* elsewhere, 
M.OOand MM. 

on W*»t Belle. A 
Ianeee. Suitable f 
respectable marrte 
Argus' offlee. 

S< ill' 

Jfrn eonven 
(entlernen or 
Iv. 'Apply at 
8 8.4. 

: FOR RENT-"NuRtly I 
All modern conveniens 
Phone, Lindell Jin.!. R. 


When at Now York City visit to* 

Woman'* Exchange and Beauty Parlor, 

130 W. 132nd St, IDne. B. B. Fields 

Vr.tlni. Prop. 'Phone M-199. 

■;<iK HKST.-Ne 

isheil fr 


FOR BENT.- Neatly 
rooms; modern coiivertieni'es. 

eras LucKy, sir. a. Wilk<*>> 

nished, for hi;' 
St. Louis Ave. 

•. partlv In 

'P»r. ' *Mi 


. . FOR RENT: 
4043 Cook. Ph 
t lemon preferre 

nlv furnished room 

FOR RENT: Neatly furnished room 
for gentleman. Call evenings 8 o'clock. 
4055* West Belle. ' 9-154. 

FOB BENT— Neatly furnished roots. 
southern eipnsnre. All modern. con 
venience*. 401.1 West Belle PI. 


FOR (REST— Neatly furnished front 
mm. Electric ligjfta and ph:ne«ervi 
■s. 433H Cottage 

! li&Ktsarid ph:ne 




U still at 

2117 Market St. 

rte Con saltation and Examination 

Hoors' B iX a. en, to S:30 p. m. 



(FonMrtT -I *»*> Sartoai Ave.* 



' WC e» It a a SON ABLE 

41)1 Euio* A». StLswi 

Bvary r**ra*« R*all*M "art Credit 

Play* In Co'mm*ro* ana M Be- 

ault »f Unpaid •III*— «• Pay. 

Up Your* Hum. 

Tbe Practice of having a "Pay Up 

■ok" each year nu taken wall all 

rer tbe country— nad It baa naY* bs- 

conw n national hat St to consider th* 

importance, In a business sensa, of a 

Pay Up week. 

Too many of us get In the bablt of 
having thing* "charged." It la no 
handy, to. convenient — nonma Ilk* get- 
ting thing* without pay. Wa are all 
Inclined to feel that «» OF*_goliig to 
have much more money aoma other 
day than we Bnd In our pockets today. 
' The reason that Pay Up weak tax** 
so well 1* because It ha* bean found 
of ineeUmabta help to the world of 
credit Ope of the principal slogan* 
osed for the occasion has come to be: 
Til Pay My Bills, So Ton Can P*y 
Toon." A moment's reflection will 
show what a splendid things this la 
Think of bow many times a alhgle dol- 
lar may turn over In a single .day, 
w5<h a practice like this. 

iou may owe the Jeweler a dollar 
for repairing a clock; and thn Jeweler 
mny owe the shoemaker n dollar for 
.repairing bis shoe* ; and the shoe- 
maker may owe the butcher a dollar 
for tbe last bacdo he got; and the 
batcher may owe -the tinner a dollar 
for the last garbage can he bought; 
tinner mnj owe the clothier 
for a fthlrt; and the clothier may owe 
the druggist fiir a bottle of medicine; 
and the druggist may owe you a dollar 
1't you see, yon get back yonr 
dollar — and what a wonderful lot of 
debts It has paid In tbe meantime, and 
you still have it. 

And you can go on for yourself in 
this line, showing the Illimitable good' 
that a "Merry Dollar" can do la * 
day. by paying neglected bills. Every 
thinking person realize* the part that 
credit plays In modern commercialism 
sad the baneful result of anpald bill*. 
Credit has been so .abominably abused 
that every boalne** maa and dtlxan 
feel* th* drac of the heavy credit load 
he 1* forced to carry. 
Hurrah for "Pay Up Week.* 

Villages of Galicia Are 

Picturesque in Appearance. 

/The villages of Callcla are especially 
interesting on Sunday* and holidays, 
wbea the national . costumes are 
donned. .The cottage* are generally 
made of stone or bosrti* plastered over. 
and are then covered with a coat ol 
whitewash. The straw roof Is frequent- 
ly crowded with green-growing moss, 
which adds to Its picturesque appear- 
ance. If not to Its health fulness. Water 
Is drawn from the wells by a long pole 
balanced near the center. These- wells 
have a decided old-world appearance, 
oeya the Christian Herald. The interior 
of. the cottage* la usually divided Into 
two (noma. In one room the entire 
family live, eat' and Sleep: la the other. 
In more or less harmonious content- 
ment, .dwell the cowa, pigs, chickens 
and geese. No. household would be 
complete without a number of geese. 
Around the cottages, a number of chil- 
dren, are sure to be seen playing, i 
ilosen or 30 or SQ of soch cottages, 
each separated only'br a small yard, 
make op a village. If there Is a 
riageeble daughter In the .house, the 
lintel of the door and the window 
rounding* are -ornamented with little 
lrregalsr hands, which la a notice to 
the marriageable. young men. 


o. j: w, 


Vod are hereby notified that a na- 
tional convention of the Walksr agents 
will be held la Philadelphia en Au- 
gust 30, 31, inclusive. At this mast- 
ing many important matters with ref- 
erence to the future plans of the com- 
pany will be discussed and explained. 
Msdam greatly interested in 
ker agents, in tkeir successes and their 
failures, being extremely anxious to 
belp them, sad is now going over plans 
for th* placing it her groat manufac- 
turing "enterprise* on . on operative 
basis so thst her sgsnts will share in 
tbe proflta of the ttne', all of which 
will be fully explained at the national 
convention. ■ 

Madam Walker haa offered five hun- 
dred dollar* (IM0) in prises which will 
be Riven; out a*. follows: To the agent 
sending 'in the largeat number of new 
agents fifty dollar* (ISO); to the agent 
sending in the largest number of new' 
agents over twenty-five (25), One hun- 
dred dollars (9100) f to the agent sell- 
ing the largest amount of goods, first 
prize, seventy-five dollar* (175), seo- 
oud prize fifty dollar* (150); to the 
agent returning the largest number of 
ompty boie* over one thousand (1,000) 
twenty-five debars, '($23), and to tbe 
club selling fba largest amount 
goods, ono hundred dollars. ((100) first 
prize, second prize, seventy-five dollar* 
(175), and third priio, twenty-five dol-, 
lars (125). This contest will close', by 
August 1, I°l7. Priaoa will be givea 
at the -convention on August 30, 3i, 
inclusive. All who wish to enter the 
contest please send their names at oricc 
to the main office, 640 North West 
Street, Indianapolis, Indians, that they 
mny be properly listed. All those who 
cannot enter tlio contest this year are 
urged to arrange to enter it next year, 
as this will b.c an- annual affair. All 
who .wish to expect to attend the na- 
tional convention, write Mrs. Margar- 
et Thompson, 1504 North Twenty-first 
Street,' Philadelphia, Pn. 

Madam C. J. Walker Mfg. Co.. 


-.-.,..*-, -V'";-,- 'r 


ETstnrthint To« ■•* Fro» Iff W Gjrs, Yon Entire Sattrfnttian 

merits of oar foods. 






If the s*aM%**ectiv* tub 

TM*r nuns oat tbe market .-• - 


Mr*. Victoria Cloy -Haley 

ZOt N. Jeffeeson Ave. f t. towis. Mo. 




Quinada, Invsnted by a New Toik 

The Boots of taeSair 

Just s* a good fertiliser nourishes 
the- soil' and produces a rich crop of 
wheat or Corn, so will the proper rem- 
edy create a healthy condition of the 
scalp, and promote the growth of the 
heir. QUINAliE stimulate* .and noor- 
tsbes the roots of the hair, thereby 
causing £ healthy growth. 

QtJINADE was invented by a New 
York chemist, and is made under the 
personal supervision of a registered 
pharmacist of oyer tweatyflv* years' 
experience; thiwLi* M guarantee that 
O.TJTNASE is aajaear pharnisoeutically 
correct as can be. The ingredient* *re- 
lelected with great care and nothing 
en ton this high class preparation un- 
less it is of the highest, purity. ' 

Seeby's Q.1NA80AI', th* ideal sham- 
poo, is an excellent aid to yUlNAUt. 
in keeping the^csip in a alesn, healthy 
condition. It should be used sbour 
every two Weeks- 

' Both articles are sold by druggist* 
and dealers at Soe each, or will be 

sent direct by Beeby Dreg Co, I» B. 

130th Bt., New Toik- Oixy,- on leeeipt 

of price. Write for sample of qUIN- 



Lucas, neatly 
gentlemen onl: 

"The Brooninelo. ' ' 3n3& 
furnished rooms for 


Spirit Medium 

POB BENT— Neatlv furnished rooms 
.11 modern conveniences. ****** 

FOR KENT —A beauti!ul n'Si-- ■ 
it with nioi' ehjthes closet", bath. 
,nl Julie Z". "-""> bloek on 1. 

Inquire roots 311. faterMtieinU 
Building. Hi to 18 a. at. 

Av V 

:1 St Lerai.* Ave 
il sommiT kitchen 
Srhpil. K'j* up 

FOB RENT -N,**tly furnished 
ooms. All t»B yemene,**- For gentle- 
lea* Mrs. Weodforav .*1'74,W. B.-Ile. 

, PCfii- BENT —Neatly furnuhed f runt 
roam, for ot -two K entlemen ■<•! 
vouna Isdy, All modem eonvenieocj.-. 
Phone" uUtil 4174-W. or roll at fUM 
West Bell e. " <>«"■> 

* POK SALB:— Double frame . house. 
with five rooms- Is each side, OB 50 
fset >of.. ground ia iStatfdavill*, let 
*l,S0e. Bental vain* oboot *». 
great bsrg* 

£C4S Law ton Aresue. 

Hutcsias lag* 

B SB IIB Bt eBo l B B BSOBBoa eTn 

Statistical Note*. . 

• United StsW bss' 3^000,000 s 

en of mllltsry *«e- 

Mllw*u»ee's annual eioorts ■ 
I .exceed pO.OOOfXO 1b jrsJw. 
». Csllfornls bss thufyeer pleat- 
■ ed nboot 1000,000 trait trees. 

United States has In 21 rears * 
w bad 3.337 unp'anlshed lynchlngs. 

Kyrls id.) Iron * Steel com- 
pany la building a new mill to 

cost taoaooo. . .- 

» , Northern California will short- 
J ly bring 100.000 acres under lr- 

> rlgstlon. 
a Texas Is trying to sell Its state 

> Iron ore beds, which coat 11.000,- 
~f)5 W" Bnd have for 20 years been 

operated at u loss by convict 1*- 
■' bor. 

a u a a a 1 1 m 6 ■ "", fl a " fl * " a sgii 


Will Promote a Full Growth of 
Hair, Will also Restore -the 
Strength, Vitality and the Beau- 
ty pftheHair. If your Hair is 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching Scalp 

or any Hair Trouble, we want you to 
Thejemedy contains medical proper- 
ties that go to the roots of the Hair, 
stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work 1 . Leaves the hair soft and silky., - Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
Met known remedy for Heavy and" Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron f or Straighten- 

1 Price. Sent by Mail, 50c: 10c Extra for Postage 


Hair Grower. 1 Temple OB. 
Shampoo, i Ptm In OB. 
FaeeCroua sod DtnettoH 
25c Bxtraftr Potlagt 

S. D. LYONS, Gei. Aft., 314 E. 2d St. 
Oklahoma City, Okie. 




I Basket for—-'- - — 10 Cents 

6 *• -— — — 50 " . 

13 - " 1- - --- r ---*1.00 

28 " " - -- -- - - -:■■■ — * 200 

cau. moBi ot wihi ' scitoia lui , riOssnonmiT 

I. E. Banks and Waikifis 

US S. LafB*(w*U.V 4U S. LerhnprsU. M I, Iwtaf 

<os.»>cnNTs. ssn * sastoh svr 

Stole His Thunder, = , 

hey will not let my ploy run, end 
yet they steal my .tnnnder." 

John Dennl*. who died In 173a, bad 
written a- play entitled. -Apploa and 
Virginia,? to which , be used a as* 
species of thunder which was •< pproved 
of by the actors and Is, indeed, in use 
today. Mr, Dennis' tragedy, however, 
was not well received and was soon 
taken from the boards. A ftw nights 
later Mr. Dennis went to see ■"Mac- 
beth, - and there be heard his own 
thunder ased. This angered him so 
mat he rose sod Bald :■ "See, bow the 
rascal* ose mel They will not let my 
play ran, and yet they steel njy thun- 
der:- - 
This was the origin of tbe •aytag so 

"He says he's tbe head of his 

-Np chance for, htm to get away with 

ihstl" •. ■ 

"Why notr i . 

"1 saw him s»d bis wife out riding 
together the' other day. and she was 
driving the automobile." 

The Last e* It, 

"Well, st Isst I've got rid of mat 
awful book you said you wouldn't 
have in tbe bouse," 

"Did yon bum lit" . 
' "No, I loaned it to a friend." 

first Potato 
Bag. — Think we 
•and any chance 
th(s summer) 
. SeconiuV Potato 
Bug — No, ere wnl 
be np s gal a at 
puis green 
the red, whfteantt 

"Doe* yonr wife belong to all the 
afternoon clubs?" 

-Kot ell. of mem- She, thinks sis 
afternoon dnbs per week U ■ 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wag et 
$2.35 per day for regular men who will 
work steadily six days per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 
Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co- 


S2wf Manchester Avenue 

apeeer to tataa year, as 
aan who steals a base 


Twenty Lots in South Kinloch 
Direct from owner Cheap. 

'V ; , '.jr'; st\ ".' 
J. E. MitcMl, Argus Office 

. " ' :i41 k»rk^ Vrset 

' ■ J ■ ■ 


How one shall read the Bible de- 
pends largely on what he I* reading 
It for. 
_ la an ail-aronnd 
book" and aerves 
ainny purposes, 
bat It 1b well to 
hive In mind 
some definite pur- 
po«e In all one'a 

All stringed In- 
.strurnenta quickly 
gtt out of lime. 
- The action of the 
atmotpbere and 
constant vibrn- 
tlon- In placing, re- 
lax tbe tension of 
t tip strings so that 
they need to be 
toned very often. Np matter how good 
the violin Is. It needs to be tnned every 
day, and- often many times a day, 

Mni) la like a violin. Be aoon gets 
out of tune With God. The wear and 
tear of life, and tbe demoralizing atr 
mosphere wiilch gin e-eatea. ao affects 
hla disposition that he needs to be 
brought Into harmony with God every 
morning. It is not surprising, when we 
consider the subtlety of sin. aid the 
weakness of the flesh, rather tt la 

Nothing tarlll bring the believer Into 

■toilch with (Sod so Boon as a little taste 
of the divine Word. For devotional 
purposes the psalms are perhaps the 
best rending, because they 
wide a range of experience. Here we 
And aspiration and confession, Joy and 
Borrow, adoration and praise. Ben 
we behold the calm confidence which 
grows out of a .sublime faith: 
Lord'is my shepherd ; I shall not 
Again we meet the bitter anguish 
which conies from Ingratitude, or un- 
requited love, or .the ecstasy of sin 
forgiven, or the passionate plea for 
mercy •• In the fifty-first psalm, or 
the show of triumph-In the thirty sec- 
ond psalm, -It la doubtful ,if there Is 
any experience in life tor which we 
cannot find a duplicate in the psalter, 

'■ and; noting how the man after God's 
own heart behaved In similar emergen- 
ce*, we are unconsciously led into [he 

■ MO* feeling. 

; ' . Horning and Eventide. 
' In the morning read the nineteenth 
psalm and at eventide the eighth 
psalm. If you are going on a Journey. 
Psalm 21 la appropriate. If to per- 
plexity, read Psalm ST. If yon are 
grateful, choose Psalm 105, or Psalm 
108, or Psalm 107. If your heart needs 
searching, Bead Paalm 159, which be- 
glus with the words, "tt -Lord, thou 
hast searched me, and known roe," and 
after a sublime description*' of. God's 
omniscience, closes with the prayer' 
that 'only' an honest heart can utter: 
"Search me, O God. and know my 
bean: try me and know my thoughts: 
and see if there be any wicked way in 
toe, and' lead me In .the' way everlast- 
ing." ' If it la comfort yon need, yon 
jrlll find It In abundance In Psalms 84, 
•1 and 103. 

, Tha Gospels are alad excellent for 
devotional 'reading because there wa 
come In contact with the. worda and 
works of Jesus. We see how he lived 
In the home and by. the wayside. In the 
carpenter's shop, and by the open 
grave. We see him tu public life and 
In private ministry always the 
never hurried, never Worried, always 
thinking of others -and never of him- 
self: We see him playing; with the 
children, watching the birds on tbe 
trees, the growing grain and tire fad- 
ing Bowers. In everything he saw 
God's love and. care, and from all 
things natural be drew some spiritual 
lessons. The epistles are especially 
.helpful to the mature Christian, as re- 
vealing the relation of the believer to 
his fellow man: to the church, the 
state, and the perishing world. 

+ + +++ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +> 

Church Directory 
*+ ++♦* ++++++++4++*+++ ++++ < 

A. M, E. Chorea, St. Ferd- 

fluiaaynehool, Silo a. m. Preaching, 
11 a, as., and B p. m. Young Peoples' 
Societies, S to 7:30. Class masting, 
Tuesday, 8 p. m. Rev. William H. Peak, 

of tha Lord taring. Whom tbalt I send, 
and who will go for us? Than aaid L 
Hare am I; sand mi-Ian. *:l ■ 

Thp 'lesson committee now tarn for 
a third quarter's lesson to a series of 
Undies In the Old Testament aa found 
in II Kings, Ezra and Nehemlah. As 
an Introduction, they have chosen this 
chapter In the book of Isaiah. 

Isaiah prophesied In the latter half 
of L'zzlah's reign, B, C. 760 and down 
to the early years, of the reign of 
Msnasseh about B. C 694 (ch. 1:1)." 
Thla event, took pln« probnbly B. G; 
735. The place was Jerusalem; tht 
kingdom of Israel was still In exist 
ence (for 33 years longer) being ut 
terly destroyed in B. C. 721. The 
name iBalah means "the salvation of 
Jehovub :" hla wife is called 
prophetess;" two of his son's 
named and his 'social position, was high, 
as shown by hla intimacy with kings. 
Isaiah lived in troublous times. He 
was a reformer seeking to rescue bis 
nation from the sins growing out of 
their disobedience to God. He was 
the leading statesman of hla time, the 
greatest of the prophets, 'an author, 
a heroic, alngIe-m!ndeil.'*patriotic, fear- undaunted man of great personal 
power and Influence. He Was a proph- 
et, of hdpe;" be wrote' out of bis long 
life of faithfulness and fellowship with 
God. The book' 6! Isaiah fulls. Into 
lit divisions; chapters 1-39 be- 
ing chiefly historical. Interspersed with 
spngs afad poems; chapters 40-60 are 
a Collection of prophecies that have 

chiefly wllh the retun/ from 
c Babylonian exile and tbe days of 
future glory for the kingdom of God. 
I. Visions (w. 1-4). As we have 
said, Isaiah prophesied In a time of 
great need. The prophet was very 
much discouraged. In this passage he 
locates his vision at a special time 
and place (ch. 1 :1). Every man's 
great need today Is a real vision nf 
God. We .arc not so mach in need .of 
theories about God. aa' a vision of 
God himself. Uirlah's long reign of 
52 years, In which the kingdom pros- 
pered and the king's name was spread 
abroad, stopped as suddenly as an 
earthquake, and his glory' was eclipsed 
(see H Chron: MjKMB).' The place in 
which Isaiah saw his vision was the 
bouse of 'GedT'Perhapa not In the tem- 
ple, but aeelng the vision from the 
temple the. prophet looks to B .; house 
not built with -hands. Jehovah's own 
heavenly palace. Therein he saw "the 
Lord sitting on a throne . . . and 
bis train filled the temple." Above It, 
or around It, were arranged hovering 
couriers and the seraphic choir. The 
majesty of this Vision is Indicated 'in 

Ward Chapel A. M. B. Chnreh. Kin. 
Sunday-school, l.-JO p, m.; Thartdav. 
Olaaa matting, S:U p. m. J. w. Gar. 

Preaching 11 a. 

St. Patera* A. at. E. Church, Elli- 
ot and Montgomery Sts, Sunday 
Preaching 11:00' < mL^and 8:00 p. 
ra. Sunday- school, 2 p. at 

Rev. 8. 8. Pitcher, pastor, 

St. Marks A. It E, Zion Chorea, 
Lafflngwell aad. Bernard St.— Services 
at 11:00 a. m. Sunday-school at 1:00 
p. m. Clan meeting, Friday evening at 
8:00. Beverend T. TT. Slstork, the pa*. 
tor, will preach special sermon*, morn- 
ing and evening. 

QUINN CHAPEL A. M. E. Church, 
3Z1 fiowen St. Preaching, 11:00 a. m. 
and 8:00 p. m. Sunday- tchoo!, 9 A) a. 
m. Class jnttting, Tburiday. 
V Rev. T. L. Watson, Pastor. 

Northern Baptist Church, M0 Sow- 
ing- Ave— Sunday service, prayer meet- 
lag, 0:30 a. m.- preaching, 11:30 a. m., 
ajid 8 p. m.; SuntUy-aehool, 1 p. m ■ 
B. t.- P. C, 8:30 p. m.; Mission Circle, 
7:10 p. rn. each hfandayr'praaehing, 8 
p. m. rich Wednesday; prayer meeting 
8 jt m. each Friday. Bev. J.C. Mar- 
tin; pastor; residence, 2710 Mills. 

Tabernacle BaptiA Caurcn, rrst fim 
tL preaching Himoay.. u a. m. aau a 
n. m. aunoa»-«au>oi. I'M p. m. B. t p. 

moay. I p. m. 

Kin loch 

Second Baptist Chdrca, 
Park— Preaching, Sundays, .. , 
and 8 p. in.; Sunday -school, 1 p, m,; 
Weekly meetings, Wednesday and Fri- 
days, 8 p. m. Bev. A. P. ' Harold; Pastor. 

Mannt Olive Baptist Church, 1429 
M. 12th Street— Preaching every Sun- 
day, 1 1 a. m., 1 p. m. and 8 p. m"; ; 
Sunday-school, .1 p: m.; & Y. PJ D., 6:30 
p. m.\ Mission Cireie, fourth Sunday 
in each month. Rev. D, W. Uurris 

Walla Ave.— Preaching Sundays, 11 a. 
■, and 8 p. m. Sunday School, 1 p. 
n. Prayar meeting, -Thnrsdaya, 8 p. 
BV Bev. S. L. ClarkB, pastor. 

Wayman A. M. E. Church, B3rd and 
Wash Street.— Preaching 11 a. m . and 
8 p. m. Endeavor B:30 p. m. Class 
meeting Tuesday, 8p jo. Prayer meet- 
ing Thursday, 8 p. m. Eav. A. B. 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, IfSO-p. m, . 


4060 Palrfai Ave, 
Preaching Sunday 11:00 a.^. and 
B:S0p.m. Sunday school .at 1:30 p. m. 
Mid-week servicea Wednesday and Fri- 
day a veniaga. Bev. J. a. Oden, Pastor. 

Firat Baptist Church of BJoloch, 
Mo. — Sunday, p react ing. 11 a, m. and 
■ m, Sunday-school at 10 a. m. 
Bible reading at 8:30 p. m. Weekly 
■aetings, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 
p. m. Communion, second Sunday In 
each month. Bev. P./Hople, paator; E. 
L. Brown; elerk. 

If It be eaked'how much one ahonld 
read a! -a time for devotional purposes, 
let me answer with an itlostratlon. I 
Once saw, a picture or Jhe dlaclplea on 
the way to Emiheus. The'Maatcr has 
just, left them and the two men are 
looking at each other tn glad asrnnlsh- 
BWflL One of then Is holding; both 
hands over, hi* heart as he aaya with 
rapture, "Did not. our hearts . burn 
within as, while he talked with as by 
the way, and while; be opened to lis 
the Scrlptaresr He ran almost feel 
hla heart nam still as. he mail's the 
memory of that hlesaed walk. 
. If jN>aak Dow long gne ahali read 
his Bible for devotional pqrpoaea. I 
answer. "Bead until your heart boras 
and your soul thrflla with the ooo- 
Bdoaaness of God' s approval" 
Tt»- Momlna Watch, 
George'- Mailer's testliaiibiy, regarding 
the morning watch' la >ery valuable: 
"The fir-t thing a ehlW nf God haa M 
do morning by motnisj la to obtain 

*!(««! for hla asaiL, And what Is food 
for the . aool ? Net prayer, hot me 
Ward of God ; not the suwple readuif 

■ at the Word, so that K naaaes throogh 
nor minds aa* Water. rasa through a 

a. Gad: When »ei 

verse two, its glory Ui verse three, 
and Its power la Indicated In verse 
four. The; whole earijL waa fllted with 
God's wondrous wjtdotn, love and P9 W ' 
er. Literally "the whole earth is fall 
of hla glory." The Hebrew word for 
holiness cornea from a word meaning 
"to set apart — set a distance from," 
Tlie holy Lord -la -not only sinless bqt 
he la sublime and absolute also. It 
may seem- difficult to harmonize 
Isolates vision- with John 1:1& yet 
these manifestations were one and the 
same, for all that saw Jesua shw God 
(John 14:1)). rtlng DExIah was dead 
but the' real king wasllvlng stilL high 
and lifted 'op.. Tbe attempt to reason 
ahout hltn. what he moat be nnd what 
he most not be, an if be were one 
of ourselves (Eph. 1 11*0, 21) la absurd. 
II.' -Divisions <w. 3-13), (I) The 
vision of the prophet (vv. 5-7). This 
vision wought conviction because It_ 
showed bow far separated fsom God 
the prophet wan. It also r brought 
conversion In that' he seknnwledgitl' 
himself to be unclenn.- himself and 
siirriiiiDtllngs to he vile. It'alsn led to 
cleansing. Mr Ihe klngheard Ihe voice 
of the prophet, removed his guilt and 
purged his sin. (2) The voice .sod 
proclamation fjaim the. king (w. 8-13). 
The king called for a messenger (v. 8) 
and at -once tbe. prophet la found. 
Someone oaa aaid that "a task without 
a vision is drudgery ; a' vision with- 
but. a task la a dream; while a task 
linked to a - vision win 
world." Not only did the king. ask for 
a messenger, hut be gave tbe mesaage 
which the' messenger ataa 
(w. B"12). The message was to be 
to hla own people; It was not to be 
a pleasant, ono. Verse 13- shows us 
this m'esaage In prophecy. Isaiah ought 
to folly proclaim the troth, hut the 
people would not nnderstand It, and 
the whi'le- cffiVt- of hla proclamation 
weald, be to harden them, 
the Application. 
WhM la yonr application of this 
-vision for laalahr Wa are a Chris- 
tian, nation, but there are many. de- 
grees and, hind* of Christians; those 
who sincerely try , to follow Jesus: 
theae who llye- under a Christian, gov- 
ernment, sad are. unaffected by Chris- 
tian influenevt. There la only .One 
way to Save this nation from going the 
way of Nineveh and Tyre ; that is, that 

Leonard Aveaoe Baptist Churchy it 
S. Leonard Ave.— Sunday, . Preaching 
11 :00 " a. m. and 8 p. " m. Sunday 
■aaool 1:00 p. m. B. T. P. V. 8:00 p. 
■ Prayer Meeting Wednesday night 
Bev, P. W. Dnnavant, Paator, 
17*9 Walau't. 

Antioeh Baptist Church, North Mar- 
kat and Gooda Ave. Preaching, Sun- 
daya at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
»1 at 1 p. m. B. Y. P. TJ. at 6:30' 
b Prayer meeting, Wednesday 
8 p, in. Communion Services, Seco 
Sunday in each month. Bev. Wn. L. 
Parry, M. D. Paator. 

Third .Corinthian Baptist Church, 
13th- and Biddle Btreeta.— Sunday, 
prayer meeting, S p. m . Preaching, 11 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday 
school, 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Tues- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
FBrarth Sunday uTeach month Coven- 
•aa* anU Communion. Bev. J. W. Hall 
paator; M. C. Crosby, clerk; Pete 
Brown, treasurer. 

Union A, M.-E, Churc'j, Wabste 
Qrovea — Servicea st 11 ■. m. and 7:3 
p. m. Sabbath School 6 a. m. Bev 
W, H. Fearson, Pastor; A. J. Saundera 

Aabary Memorial M, E. Church, «2»l 
Cottage Ave. Suadaj tcbool,. 9:30 a. 
a-;- preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. 
Epworth League^ 7 p. m. Class meet- 
ing' and Bible class, Wednesday, 8 p. 
m. Rev. W, W, Golf, pastor. 



Bnnday-sebpol st 10 a. m. Preach- 
1 11 i n,' and 8 p. m. Bible Band 
at 8:30. Prayar Servieea Thursday 
nights. Bev. K. Foatar, Pastor. 

and that Joatire sad remteouaoeas shall 
b* Oh* ftnl t Of regenerated live*. The 
cry Js far 

Bedemption of Souls Spiritual Church, 
i^N^Beawnoat Street.' Bud>y 
■Aool serVtce 10 a. m,, church services 
. aa. 'and 8 > ' m. and m V asa gm . 
Meeting at 8. p a. Wednesday add 
Thursday. Seaace at 8 p. PL Tuesday 
and Friday. Mrs. Julia Johnson, ora- 
cle; Bev. Jamas IX Miller, p«stor; 
Hearv Gresn, president: , Mlaa A. L 
Voorbiea,. saeratory, l 

Providence Baptlat Chnreh, Sennei 
ly and Pendleton A van uea.— Sunday, 
preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sun- 
day-school, 1 p. m. B. Y. P. U. 7 p. 
m. Prayer meeting,-Friday 8 p. m. 
Covenant and Lord'a Supper, fourth 
Sunday 3 p. m. Misjioa Ctrale Prayer 
Meeting Ihird Friday, 8:80 p. m. Rev. 
E. Calviu Cola, pastor, I1S1 Fair Ave. 

Corinthian Baptlat Church, MS 
Antelope, Sunday Preaching, 11:00 a. 
m. and 8:00 p. m. Sabbath school 
10:00 s. m.; B: T. P. O, « p. m. Wed^ 
aaaday; Proaehing 8:00 p. m., Friday: 
Prays* Meeting, Spa., Mission eerv. 
ice, third Friday, 8 p. m. Business 
meeting Friday before tha foarla 
Lord.;* day in aaeh month. Bev. Wm 
Anderson, Paator. 

Arraaaad bi mma*: 

Mt. Olive' BaptUt Church No. *, 1I0S 
M organ St. Sunday, prayar meeting, 
8 a. m.j praachlag, lJia. m., 8 p. m. 
8:80 p. m. Snnday-tfiooi, 1:80 p. m. 
Prayer meeting aifT Miwion Oirele, 
Tuesday night. Prayer aad praise 
meeting. Friday night Third Snnday. 
la aaeh month Covenant meeting. 
Fourth Sunday communion. Bev. A. 
paator, Thomaa Mill* i, elark. 

Bpirinal Christian Union Ohureh; 
>TB7 Lawtoo Avanus, Sundays 8 p. m. 
Fridays, 8 '-p. m. ' J. 8, Woatherfirrd, 
rector; Mrs. 1€ Ow'ens, assistant aad 
secret sty. 


The Christitn Bplritualiit Church has 
moved from 2330a Wash St., to B17 N. 
Leonard Avenue. - Services eve.ry 
Tuesday and Friday^ at 8:00 fP m. 
Catch Hodiamont car, get off at 3300 
Franklin Ave., walk north to 1117 S. 
Leonard Ave., Mr. and Mrs. Crankshaw. 

Mount Zion Baptjat Church, 2624 
Papin St, Sunday: Preaching, 11:00 
. and 8:00 p. m.. Sun day -school 
IJ0 p, m. Prayer meeting, Friday. 
8H» p . m. 

Chnreh — GOt Montrose- Ave. Suaday, 
prayer meeting 8 a. ra.; preaching, II 
a. m^»n«l 8 p. m.; Bunday-sebool I p. 
as,; B. Y. ' P. V. 8:30;. Wednesday. 
preach iag 8 p. m.; Friday, prayer meet- 
ing lp.a; Mission try Society, *r>t 
aad third- Tuesday In aaeh month at 8 
p. sa. Bee. David Tyler, pastor. 


932 Papin Street, Preaching, s*cond 
hird and fourth Snndaya la each 
sonth. at 11 a, M..aad,8 p. m. Sua 
lay>aehool I p. ».; C E. Society, 8:30 
i, m. Preaching Wednesday night, $ 
i. m. Prayer meeting Friday 1 p. a 
'-oamnnida s f niee a aaeoad Sunday Id 
aeh month. Bav. A. H. Bostie,- pan 
nr, phooe Central J193 or Olive 167* 
ay time front $ a- ai. to lt:30 p. ro 
■ad I p, Mp to S:S0 p. m. 

rt Cknrah, MM Mar 

:**, Sunday school 9;M a- m. Preach . 
ajg, "■*) >■ aa.- B.T..P. U., 8:30 jr 
8:00 p. av afldwaak 
Taaaiay sight, preaching 8:00 

Luliiern Church, 1T01 Morgan Ht.— 
Suad*y preecbiag 8 p. . tn. ' rjundiy 
school 3 p. m. Catechatiaal lastrnc- 
tion, Thanday, 8 p. m. Day School, 
every day, .9 v aa.— 3 p. m, Bav. O. A. 

The Church of God and Kainia ol 
Christ. 4004 Finney Aveaif*,— Services 
Sunday at T:30, Wednesday at 7:30 
Friday' at 7:30 'Saturday (Sabbath) a 
11 v m. and rest of the day. Elder-J 



Try The Argus 

Bmtl. Bomont 


Ice sod Wood, Coal By tbe Bftaket or Ton 
Ahfa Hauling- K nd Expreau -'. 


Harry M Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

'GooJ Houses FlaU and Rooms to Rent to ^o'lored People, Call c 
Phone. Good Service. , - 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straighfening Unfit 



ot Soul* Spiritual Churrh 
hold, i heir regular servieea Sunday 11 
a. m. and 8 p.. ra., Lyeeam, 10 s m.; 
Bsance Tnesdnyand Friday at 8 p. m., 
sondaeted by Mrs Caroline Armstead 
and M Antoinette Howard, R. ». Miss 
Clstnnritlaa Hatch; seeretary; Cordelia 
Anderson, treasurer; M. Antoioette 
Howard, X. M. pastor; Mrs. Carrie Par- 
aon assistant paator. M41 Lucas Ave. 
Phone. Cent. DfllSB. 

Onion A.-M. E. Chorea. Shads sad 
Lincoln Atassl «*V. W. H. Faanoa. 
Paator; J.' E. Sanders, SserMary. aad 
superintendent .of Sua day sehoeL 
Praaeaiai, 11:00 a. sa. and 8:80 p a, 
CUa* maeting Thurodav night. ' 



Bsadaj praachlag at 11:00 a. at, and 

8:00 p. sa. Visitors weicsaae,' Be*. L 

■here Is V. S. 

irnila. ABCBitWtaisd 

WOLf BR0S.12MH.Swale Are. t Indianapc^s, Jnd., U.S A. 

Carter's little Liver Pills 

Yoa Cannot 
and Happy 

A Remedy That 

Makes Life 

Worth Living 

y & * *S £af 

FRY'S Buy Cot Rate Drug Store 

. Scrrwice, Our Motto We Deliver the Good* 

• V — T 1 ,_i "stWINCanal'MABItPraT. • 

Central UK. 3aM8iLaM 

:~,a^ ■ : . — -r-^ — ^ - ^i, ■ 

rare s 




High OIim OpaaUe BMbrrtt* 

Bleck Charlie Chaplin and Mild' 



Guaranteed Moving Ptetffrw of Battles Raging In France 

First Series. Wednesday, July 4th 



2353 .* 2126 




t.v :i T..r.-i tin-. M-i "Keystone 

CoMdi<* ■ ' 



'Foi Fllni Comedies,' 


Monday — Adventure of Jinunie Dal*. 

Tiie.^daj— StitiKWM'a Adventures, also 
Triangle Dramas and Comedies. 

great «i.r in 
II lie brought to the Colored 

people uf St. r.miia. when the lift uf n. 
pictures Kill be shown at the 
WnnhiT'^ton Theater next 
r, July 4. These pictures will 
Wednesdays for seven week*, 
"iTiniil and n large tier "rent 

of the revenue goo* to the Red Cross 



Friday— Paths Gold Rooster Flays 

Saturday Special Vltagraph pnoto- 

plajs. . O. Henry's Stories. 


j "JIMMIE DALE." alias 
, ' "'"THE OBEY SEAL" 


The Neglected Wife' 

Special— Tuesday, July 3 

VloLa Dana 111 a great play 




Special Clara Kimball Young 
. Photoplay 




Unprotected. Man race Dangers of War 
In Getting Seal Scenes of Actual 
Fighting. Pictures Will bo Shown 
at Booker Washington Theater 
Every Wednesday for Seven Weeks 
Beginning With Matinee Wednes- 
day the Fourth of July 

Bogg's New Cafe 

•*OK£'" S«:w '-'"fa, at 2B01 La i ion, 
one of the finest arid rooleit Imnwi 
places iicst uf the Allejjhenips, will ■ '|«'n 
its doom to Uie public Monday night. 

This new refreshment and sjnux :|I 

placo is equipped with four oseillMini". 
two rriliug nnd one exhaust fan. Its 
tic decorations consist of ha i -Luff 
baskets or flowers, colonial and i-uiny 
e*l lights. wnftsivf. art paintings nnd 
eh plate mirrors.. \ ladies as well 
fs cents private rest room is provided, 
fhcltcrinjr palms, tower Over the 
beads of the -guests nnd "it will Ire n. 
pleasure to sit and listen to the soft, 
Wfri muirin from an inspiring orehr^tra 
ml hear the Intes! songs . by arir->tin 

rUmret perfor rs". Tfce rafo is located 

Bn the-first floor with entrance on ijw- 


:.f the 



• h- 

Itle front and 

same that we: 
nml Xen (lrnn.1 
's ranging from 
These pictures 



cents 'to I2S 
itures are the only renl 
In order to take them 
liml to defy di'nlh in n 
-■ay. Sometimes they 
■tanieof thirty feet of 

co, t'nruiington, UTid Sedalia, 
Burjllg |he euuiinK neck. It IS rum 
hut l.RiiK-'tiin Harrison will be a 
jartner of John Saynas in linuncin- 


■ were.aiany faialiiien. The Patht 
people state 'thai »ii ef their men met 

It and fourteen w 

the brave veiitui 

*o slarlling e 
Hint it is n wi 
irs; Death 
hnnlmcnts liy th 
an action, battle 


re wounded it 


.■-.if the neMCi 
ii.y passed ihi 
trenches/ how 
mis', nnr plnnei 

surrender inj; bi 

The Vaudeville Show Next Week - 
e vaudeville, show next week prom- 
■in lie wrll-ahove the average. -On 
ill are: Bessie La Bella, high "hiss 
,tic sonrbrette; Itudgins and Hum- 
the Mack Charlie Chaplin ami the 
in coineilicne: Cornish and linltcr; 
table sinyrs and dancers: ■ Kilns r 
Jinrtiu. a .Tack ajnek rnmHv monn- 
Incnisl. The Fourth "f July matinee 
will breitt at ■• p. m. ami will include 
v..,ii.leville. the Official War Pictures 
and several ether pliolniilnvs. 


TWn •lafaat 79 -i 

hotel haa opened 
A nice hotel 
tor faatUy or transient naa. Kswly 
•rated aad has IS ~hatha, (team heat. 
Basse reasonable Sav. S. A. Mitchell 
ansyrieter, ■ »M5 Morgan street, St 

Lesds, Me. Phone Botaeat 3577. 

Mrs. Susie Fl. 'Warreo, former 
US3 l.nwlon, has moved to 3*1' 
rtede Ave., where she will be pi 
to' have her friends call.. 





Ye* must positively terlayj this ad*. 

:e 50c 

Ifft frean, cradle ks 

nil arc » j'. itrtiil, 

F» ,nil y 8g*t Excuraion given by the Managers of Old' Folks Home Board, Monday, July Zd, 1917. Come! The 
boat wall leave foot of Olive I Street, rain or shine. Music by.FloWerV Orchestra, Admisslan 6U Cents. Children muter 
12 yenrB.,25 Cents. Mis. Lottie Johnson. President. M», Clara Jones, Secretary 


So far as . p£ 
ia„ls> co.,cor, 1C 




J. Smith, of WW St. f!..uis 
■It, I.huis, Uu., is makiii- up 
In visit Colorado, after the 
If the Urand Chapter ol Ihe 
i'tar of the Masonic Family, 
II be ncld in Lincoln, Neb., 
euiumineinc July 20, 111I7. 

There will be a * number from St. 
Louis. 'Columbia, Kansas City ar.,1 St. 
Joseph, Mo., «ho have already sig- 
nilleil thirir" "intention o£ making the 
trip .and 'nill use the Missouri I '::cillc 
Kailrooi- ■ \ . . 

The fares are as fullows: 
St. Louis Id Lincoln, Xeb.. (11.48 

iSL L> 


nl re 

soln, Neb., $1.99 

Denver. Coin and 

Another romhination uf singing aT 
dancing, with a snrinkling of corned 
if being v^ered/by MaOtrrJt Hagtii 
Steppers at the Booker AFashingt. 
Theater this week. / 

The closinc playlet, -/The Chini 
laundry, " U a good .cbmedj skit. T 
Girls, who work in a laundry run by 
.on I-ong" iMcGarr) demand Ul 
employ a Colored taaaager, which 1 
- and' installs an! erratic indiv.idual 
the name of "Sambo" iMcLaurin). 
il>o proeeeds to assrrt his authority 
eompells enelr cirl to either kiss 
1 or tixtH him wilh s nom; nnd dttne*. 
Thei fact bring* nut several nooii Jium 
nnd offers chance fur" plenty ef 
.ly. due to Sambo -sln-k of disci- 
pline and the. mischievous pra.uka of the 
girls. Sahibn cets into much trouble 
and tho skit bre.aks up into '• gun 

e show closes with a sOnc ftnd 
dance by the company. The procram is 
jiving getHtfaJ satisfaction and is pre- 
en ted wit hoot the unpleasant angges- 
fiveness which marred last Peek's bill. 
The Engagement will close Sunday 

Drake and Walker's Company of sev- 
enteen people, including baud slnd or- 
rheatra will come to the. Booker \Va_sh- 
ington the week of .July 30. "... 

-The trip to Denver will include Lin- 
■oln. Neb., Colorado Springs and Pu- 
■hln, Colo., allowing stopover privileges 
at pleasure in both directions. 

.Anyone attending tho Lincoln meet- 
ing or any of their friends who wish 
to accompany the party to. Denver 
are cordially invited. 


Nathan Hale, immortal hero of the 
American revolution, when tormented 
■by the British said. "1 regret th»t I 
have but one life to give for m; coun- 
try." / 

The life of ihis immortal hero and the 
assembling of the first United Stater 
Congreai It, draft the Declaration of In- 
dependence will lri: nhowa-in a -wonrTer- 
photopbiy 'at the New . Jtovie 
Theater, and sirdome on VTednesdsv, 
July 1. The play rings with patriotism 
■nd thrills wTth caeiteiaent. .Robert 
Warwick will be in the title role. . 


Don't stand on the corner and see 
your friends go by. Oct in the game! 
Join the Uniform Bank. Any <■ impsny 
is t ye-j it. Pythiaa Co- A 
Offers ynn special inducements. Se. 
Capt. Qlvena 'any night at Pytiiar 




In order to keep my business up 
to its present standard -l am going 
to soil pianos nt terms to fit the cir- 
cumstances of my patrons. Just re- 
ceived a notice from tho factory to 
this effect' Wo have -53 pianos left 
over from our 191U stock, and in or- 
der'lo make room wo will sacrifice them 
at prices that will reach, any prospect- 
ive buyer. I-prylit pianos, tl to tl.50 
nor week; players. SS to S10 per month. 
There is no reason why you should 
not own a piano. Come to my store 
and see tny inducements before going 
elsewhere. It may be the means of 
a saving of from ilOO to (125. Phone 
Bomont 'l7fl2-W, or call at 2905 La- 
clode Avenue. 

I. Chaa. H. Watkins. 

Mrs. Susie B. Warrc^-of- 3<17 La- 
clede, was elected chainsMn of the sick 
committee of St. Louis Camp No. 10 
of Americas Woodmen. Alt members, 
must notify her of their illness. 

Phone: Kin. -Cen. 4783-B 
3335a MARKET ST. 


i'K "li. 1*|f\ W WMk mif «*« ?H0f . ULIY MWirs new PB06«$S 
•1*1*5 It) •>4*>* Of CWORED PtOPlt. Teachtrs. sludtiits. male or female, 
mlnlslprs, widows married women, anyone with spare time can make $1. per hour. 

EieryWj bays, lf» cut t» idt Hnlc li.r Icrntsad oslflt •! oate. «t 1«HV. 

Austin Jenkins, Co., F. St. Washington, p. C. 



Are carefully selected and presented proserly at great expense' with our 
.famous (7,000 O rcheatrati on j equal to S- pieces ■■>( good orchestra, includ- 
ing a pipe organ. Refined surroundings and gone order. Our motto iff 
to please. Our patrons should not miss any of them, because they are 

OPEN 10:00 A. M. AND CLOSE 11:00 P. M 



Featuring Mollis King 

Wednesday— The greatest and 
most sensational serial, featuring 


Thursday- Thi 
serial "P ATRIA 1 
World'a Greatest Dancer SIRS. 

Saturday— The Secret Kingdom 
■featuring DOROTHY KELLY 

'Oar Prices K a unliable 

Our Service Best" 

Mcdowell bros. 



Lady Ass*it«nt''l!or Women and Children 


»': B*s«al I 
■ui FatHl 

We Buy and Sell, Pups, 
Canaries, Parrots, -Etc. 

Call or write 
New Bird and Dot Store 

jlll Olive St. ' St. Louie 

" Glasses to fit your eyes for ■ 

$1 !00 and Uf*. 

Gold Pilled Eye Glass Frame* 
and Mounting of the very.Jwst 
qualitv and lowest prices'. 
2335 Market St. 

17 "Yeara in Jewelry 


Don't worry, hut -save' time and mon- 
ey:- Night and Day Express snd/haul- 
aervice. r IX more convenient move 
at night. Tell your employee and 
friends. Trunks checked to the Sta- 

Shirts, blsjikets,. curtains,, etc., res.-' 
sonable: I.indell 4054. Do|mar 3848L. 
Bessie Page, owner. "Auto delivery." 
Chaa, T. Rhode, lugr. 4226 W. St.,Fer- 
dinand Ave. . - - 



— .BY- ■ 

*• p*a efc»- ( 

Vakuvs- H^ lO'ht snc«esrfuL An aiHasritr it. 

-HH>»I caVf&launll ■b2*7SS /•». 
m+ltUrri. If re. nikrr r,!l mfr.Bm i. w 
wu Han. IS ia 1: Sis^t J* ktsl Wrf 

■ant «r Hawluii .can. RnJUvas. k.. !■>. Mt 

6124 E ASTON AVB. 

Ford Car for Hire 

five passeager, |1.2J pes- hour. 
Txipa Jfi and 50 eaata. Special Rates 
for slwppaiig aard lahiaf tours. Phons 
Boawat atH, after 2 H.dl aad Sunday 

B. Stand— Toss Tarsia V 

•tr- YpUR HAND -m 



Mrs. A. Crowley 

Clau-ToyUt, Medium and Palmiat. Th* 
future can be foretold. How mi " la to look in die future 
uiuaflSHHHH. Advice given in all mat- 
ters of life. Give luck in businee. and 
speajulatioa. law auita. Settle* larrare 
qoarralr, bringa scparwed tosajthar. 
assshea pa»*> ssad fasipi n ii Til «be> 
hash. r^Z. ■ Tr , 

(rosa Weilstoa las*. 

Wise and Otherwise. 

A nan's chief bolt la In baring n 
rtiany small ows. 

Historians are prophets whoa* faces 
are turned backward. 

There are )u« as many aecenda In 
a spare Jiomect as then si* In- a full 


If a woman la truly good aha never 
alt* up nights to talk about her nelgb-i 

nt think In order to be forceful 


pie's toca. 

Terjr few men would strlto 
aeUera fame If It wasn't for the saute 

Men talk about their habit*, bat It 
would b* mora accurate for the habits 
talk about their men, ' 

There are higher shinga. in life for 
woman than a beautiful completion 
her new stoee'hair, for 

. Th* greatest whirlpool la tea world 
Is in* maelstrom off tne coast of 
way. H la an eddy between tan- ■ 
1 an island, aad wnee tne 
a east dfeecOM aad ta* 
er no aalnwaai wltaataa* 


U 10,0.00' .-fl 


AUGUST 19th To 25th 

19th Biennial Session of (Ids Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calanthe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Jurisdiction, N. A., 5, A., E., A., A., and A. 



Souvenir Programs Country Store IBarber Shop 

Restaurant Official Photos 1 J rc-siiing; Sbpp 

Melons ' lee Cream Chewing Gum, Pop Corn and Candy 

And 25 more good concessiona and displays. Address all communications 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 


St. Louis, Mo. 


3141 Lawton Ave 


; Business men and eil 

ti- in plate docorat 

K. of P.- week, wiU do 


the Sardqn 

mittee. Zi\i 

have been made with an expert V.. P. 

srtist to act as olfietat decorator. 

ters of the General Com- 
Lawton, as arrangements 

^. E. FOOTE 




AC O M ? L E T E coot-* of instructions ana 
tie art ef BAT MAKING suaa Renovating 
mehede. Tn* instmetions can be oMau.Kd dt "sail.-, 

Z^lMtfkanSSL St